Custom PCB Fabrication Manufacturer in China
Providing One-Stop Service For You
From quick-turn prototype, medium, and high volume production
Custom PCB Fabrication Manufacturer in China
Providing One-Stop Service For You
From quick-turn prototype, medium, and high volume production
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Full Manufacturing Capabilities
Full Manufacturing Capabilities
PCBTok provides full PCB fabrication services to produce hi-tech and complicated parts using different PCB materials.
Custom PCB Manufacturer
Custom PCB Fabrication
PCBTok offers a custom PCB fabrication solution to meet your different specifications. We guarantee efficient and fast service.
7X24 Online Support
7/24 Online Support
PCBTok can offer 7/24 online support and our sales team can work with your local time, then give you the best support.

PCBTok-Your Professional PCB Fabrication Manufacturer and Supplier In China

PCBTok is a reliable PCB fabrication manufacturer and factory in China. We can provide different PCB types from single-sided, double-sided to multilayer PCB, complex from HDI PCB, flexible circuit boards to rigid-flex PCB, and materials from Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic to Teflon.

We have imported many Hi-tech equipment from the USA, Japan, and Germany, such as Hitachi drilling machines, Burkle Lamination machines, and LDI exposure machines.

Our engineering team can give you some suggestions when you’re designing or send Gerber files to us to ensure you’re satisfied with our products.

If you need any PCB fabrication services, choose PCBTok as your supplier.

Custom PCB Fabrication

Different PCB Types to Meet Your Requirements

PCBTok has full capabilities for customizing different PCB types through our fabrication service. We can manufacture according to your specific design, materials, layers, copper thickness, board thickness, surface finish, soldermask, silkscreen, and more.

You love to work with us because of these advantages:

  • Over 15 years of PCB fabrication manufacturing experience.
  • No minimum order quantity is limited, even 1 piece.
  • 24h quick-turn service for your prototype of PCB fabrication.
  • All PCB products meet IPC class 2 or class 3.
  • Sufficient raw materials in stock to support your needs.

Feature PCB Products to Support Your Projects

Multilayer PCB
We can produce multilayer PCB from 3 layers up to 40 layers. You will send your Gerber files and specification, we will provide satisfied products for you.
PCBTok can offer any layer HDI PCB, such as 1+n+1, 2+n+2, 3+n+3. Normally we use the materials Shengyi S1000-2 or Isola 370HR for the custom stack-up.
Flexible PCB
Flexible PCB is usually applied to some applications, such as medical device, automotive, aerospace, and military. PCBTok can manufacture up to 10layers.
Rigid-Flex PCB
Rigid-flex PCB has more complicated processes than standard PCB, it's including rigid and flexible two parts. We can help you to produce until 18 layers.
Rogers PCB
We offer many types of Rogers PCB, from 4350B, 4003C, 5880, 3003, 3006, 3010, 6002, and so on. Please send your project to us, we can follow specific request.
Ceramic PCB
PCBTok can provide different kinds of ceramic PCBs, including alumina PCB, aluminum nitride PCB, silicon nitride PCB,and beryllium oxide PCB.
Heavy Copper PCB
Heavy copper PCB means the copper is more than 2oz. We can manufacture the copper thickness up to 100oz, just send your inquiry right now.
High Frequency PCB
High-frequency PCB is a type of PCB that is widely used in applications involving particular signal transmission between objects. The frequency is 500MHz to 2GHz.

Custom PCB Fabrication for Different Industries

PCBTok is one trusted PCB fabrication manufacturer, and all the PCBs are used in different industries, such as:

Medical. PCBTok can produce medical PCBs such as pacemakers, monitors, medical imaging systems, X-rays, and telemedicine.

Aerospace. Our PCB fabrication service can produce all the aerospace PCBs applied to satellite communication, navigation systems, passive detection systems, and data-recorded systems.

Automotive. Many automotive products use PCB fabrication services, from engine controls and airbag sensors to anti-lock brake management and GPS support.

Consumer electronics. we can provide all the consumer PCBs, such as computers, mobiles, earphones, speakers, smartwatches, and home appliances.

Custom PCB Fabrication Manufacturer
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Why 3000+ Clients Love to Work with PCBTok

As a trusted PCB fabrication supplier and manufacturer in China, PCBtok has won a high reputation from our clients all around the world. Why do they choose us? You will see the advantages of our service.

Efficient and Fast Production
Efficient and Fast Production
PCBTok can offer a quick-turn service for your PCB fabrication, 24h for the prototype of single-sided and double layers, and 48h for the multilayer. We can also provide fast service for high volume production at an affordable price.
Excellent Communication with Customers
Excellent Communication with Customers
We have a professional sales team who can speak different languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, so there's no language barrier and communication is free.
Experienced Engineering Team Support
Experienced Engineering Team Support
Most of our engineers have more than 10 years of working experience in PCB fabrication, they can give you useful advice for your projects. Especially if there's an error in your design, we can fix it and make sure it's correct.
PCB Fabrication Surface Finishes
PCB Fabrication Surface Finishes

PCBTok offers a wide range of custom surface finishes. How to choose the right type of final surface finish is very important in PCB fabrication. Selecting the correct surface finish for your application is critical for performance.

You can also send your specific surface finish, we can meet your requirement.

PCB Fabrication Equipment
PCB Fabrication Equipment

PCBTok is a leading PCB fabrication supplier and factory in China and we have imported many hi-tech production equipments from oversea countries. You will have a look at the PCB manufacturing machines as follow:

  • Lamination machines
  • Drilling machines
  • PTH production lines
  • Plating production lines
  • Etching machines
  • AOI equipment
  • Exposure machines
  • CNC machines
  • Surface finish lines

Full Range of Materials You Can Choose for Your PCB Products

PCBTok is working with leading PCB laminate manufacturers to bring you a diverse selection of materials, including improved epoxy laminates, ultra-low moisture materials, high-frequency ceramic-filled laminates, and more. We have these materials Aluminum, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Isola, Dupont, Shengyi, Nanya, Nelco, Ventec, and more.

If you would like a specific material to use in your PCB fabrication process, please feel free to contact us.


Various PCB Fabrication to Apply Different Applications

PCBTok offers custom PCB fabrication for different applications, for example, aerospace, military, medical, automotive, industrial control, consumer electronics, and so on.

Power Supplies
LED lighting
Navigation Devices
Audio and Video Devices
Control Systems
Surrounding Monitors
Mobile Devices
Computer Electronics
Home Appliances
Measuring Equipment
Testing Equipment
X-Ray screens
Scientific Instrumentation
CT scanners
Entertainment Systems

Customers Who Trust us

  • "We have been working with PCBTok for over 5 years, they provide on-time delivery for each job and also provide CoC reports, soldering samples, and micro-section for each shipment. We're very happy to work with them."
    David Witts
    David Witts
    from the UK
  • "PCBTok has one professional sales team who can provide good communication and technical support to us. When I send an inquiry to them, they can provide the quotation within 1-2h, really fast response, and love to work with them."
    June Hermann
    June Hermann
    from Italy
  • "PCBTok always provides excellent PCB fabrication service, we are very glad to the quality and affordable price. What's more, there is no minimum order limit, we have many prototypes orders, so sometimes we order 1 piece. "
    Steve Jacobs
    Steve Jacobs
    from Germany
  • "We have several PCB manufacturers in China, but PCBTok is one of our best PCB fabrication suppliers. We're a design company and they often provide good advice to us, then we will adjust it, I also recommend PCBTok to my friends."
    Scott Ferris
    Scott Ferris
    from the USA

PCB Fabrication Related Resource

PCB Fabrication Design and Layout

PCBTok also provides PCB layout and design for our clients. We use PROTEL, KICAD, or EAGLE to layout the PCB schematic. You can send any project to us, our expert engineering team, and CAM/CAD operators are happy to discuss it with you.

Electronic Components Sourcing

We can help our clients source any electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, fuses, IC, relays, switches, and so on. You just send your specification or datasheet to us, and PCBTok offers a competitive price for you.

PCB Assembly

PCBTok can offer a turn-key PCB assembly service for you, from the prototype, medium quantities to large volume production. Meanwhile, we can provide SMT assembly, BGA assembly, through-hole assembly, mixed assembly, and other PCB assembly.

  • Fluke
  • Flex
  • Benchmark
  • EATN
  • WE ElektroniK
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