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Welcome to PCBTok, Your Trusted PCB fabrication and PCB assembly Supplier in China

PCBTok is one of your best PCB fabrication and PCB assembly partners and we are supporting over 3000 clients all around the world.

PCBTok was founded in 2008 and is located in Shenzhen city, where it’s near to Hongkong. We are a reliable PCB fabrication and PCB assembly provider in China. Our factory covers an area of over 13,000square meters.

We specialize in the fabrication of different types of PCBs such as prototype PCB, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, Rogers PCB, flexible circuit board, rigid-flex board, high-frequency PCB, Aluminum PCB, ceramic PCB, and metal core PCB, also provide PCB assembly service from SMT assembly, BGA assembly, turn-key assembly, to through-hole assembly.

PCBTok is well-equipped with advanced PCB fabrication equipment including a drilling machine, film machine, imaging machine, lamination machine, PTH production line, Plating production line, etching machine, exposure machine, developing machine, Ink Jet printer, surface finish line, CNC routing machine, and AOI machine.

Besides them, we also have PCB assembly equipment: solder paste printing machine, solder paste inspection (SPI) machine, glue dispensing machine, Pick-Place machine, reflow soldering machine, wave soldering machine, and In-circuit test fixture.

PCBTok has one excellent R&D team for the research, development, design, layout, manufacturing, and assembly of the various PCB parts. We also specialize in quick-turn prototype fabricating, small-batch manufacturing, and large-volume production.

PCBTok has passed ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, USA and Canada UL(E477880) certifications, and RoHs.

  • Quality PCB Manufacturing
  • Quality PCB Manufacture
  • Quality PCB Fabricating

Top Quality PCB Manufacturing

As one outstanding PCB fabrication supplier and manufacturer in China, PCBTok can produce various circuit boards, from single-sided, and double-sided to multilayer, from rigid PCB, and flexible circuit boards to rigid-flex PCB, from conventional PCB to HDI PCB.

Most of these circuit boards are applicated to Automotive, medical, aerospace, military, consumer electronics, LED lighting, industrial controls, and other applications.

Please send your Gerber files to us, we can customize any PCB fabrication for you.

Quality Control by High Standards

PCBTok has strict quality control management that is certified by ISO9001:2015. We have the incoming material inspection, Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) test, flying probe test, In-circuit testing, X-ray inspection, and fixture testing. What’s more, we provide the Certification of Completion(CoC) report, soldering sample, and micro-section for each project when shipping the goods to the clients.

We strictly follow IPC class 2 or class 3 to inspect all the PCBs and make sure you are satisfied with the quality.

In order to guarantee all the tolerances are under control, PCBTok has brought many inspection equipment and tools.

  • PCB Quality Control
  • PCB Quality Control
  • PCB Assembly Quality Control
  • Engineering Team
  • Production Team

Professional Team to Support Your Projects

PCBTok has an experienced engineering and professional production team. When you place the quick-turn order with us, our engineering team can provide the engineering questions(EQ) within 1 hour. If you have design problems, you will discuss them with us, we can give you good advice for your projects. Moreover, our engineering team has more than 15 years of working experience and also worked in some big companies.

Typically, there are two shifts in our production department, if it’s in the peak season, we have three shifts to match the delivery time for our clients. Our production team strictly abides by the delivery date for each order, so that our customers are very satisfied with it.


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