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Bergquist PCB by PCBTok is Renowned to be Established

Bergquist PCB by PCBTok was made sure to be crafted with elements and materials that are of high-grade qualities. In order to fulfill its utmost performance, we run it through several evaluations and inspections.

We’re not a mediocre company; hence, our products and services are free from mediocre quality.

We have full highly-skilled professionals to answer all concerns and questions you have in mind. Inquire about Bergquist PCB with us today!

With PCBTok’s ability to supply a superb Bergquist PCB and exceptional customer service, we have already satisfied numerous customers both local and international.

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Bergquist PCB By Features

Double-Sided Bergquist PCB

A Double-Sided Bergquist PCB is known as it has circuit traces on either side of the board. Furthermore, compared to a single-sided one, this is perfectly ideal for applications where it requires certain complexity both with wirings and attaching components on it.

Aluminum Bergquist PCB

An Aluminum Bergquist PCB is among the most popular type of PCB material used in the industry. It is because some modern technologies and devices are seeking this kind of material. Furthermore, it features a great insulator and conductor of heat.

Metal Core Bergquist PCB

A Metal Core Bergquist PCB is constructed using thermal insulating layers. This is done in the process of making to ensure that it will disperse heat efficiently, have the best processing performance, and have an exceptional strength mechanically.

LED Bergquist PCB

A LED Bergquist PCB utilizes fiberglass and metals as its construction materials. These are deployed in an LED board to electrically link electrical components. These are commonly employed in LED applications such as consumer lighting.

Ventec Bergquist PCB

A Ventec Bergquist PCB is commonly applied through applications that require low to high power purposes. This certain type of material is recognized to possess extraordinary dielectric characteristics and qualities, and it is renowned to have a high TG value.

Bergquist T-Clad PCB

A Bergquist T-Clad PCB is suitable for applications that require tolerance to high temperatures. It is known to have a high thermal conductivity with a value of 4.1/Wm-K. One of its features and benefits is that it is well-suited with Eutectic AuSn.

Bergquist PCB By Thermal Conductivity (5)

  • 0.8W/m-K Bergquist PCB

    The 0.8W/m-K Bergquist PCB is comprised of materials that possess good insulation. Its application involves power supply modules and transistors that are of large power. Also, sheet form and die-cut parts are the possible configurations.

  • 1.0W/m-K Bergquist PCB

    The 1.0W/m-K Bergquist PCB is recognized to be affordable, it has good compressibility, it is designed to be easily assembled, and it has an outstanding insulating shield for electronics. This is commonly applied in power conversion applications, computer peripherals, and others.

  • 1.5W/m-K Bergquist PCB

    The 1.5 W/m-K Bergquist PCB has a wide array of applications depending on what specific category it belongs to. However, the most common applications of this type are for power conversions, and applications when there’s a need to transfer heat to a frame chassis.

  • 2.0W/m-K Bergquist PCB

    The 2.0 W/m-K Bergquist PCB has several applications too just like any other thermal conductivity value. Nevertheless, it is frequently utilized in memory modules and telecommunications. Roll form, sheet form, and die-cut parts are all feasible configurations.

  • 3.0W/m-K Bergquist PCB

    The 3.0 W/m-K Bergquist PCB features a tacky side on it for it to be handled and placed easily on a certain device. It is commonly deployed in LED applications, and electronics in automotive. This offers a high-quality performance concerning thermal situations.

Bergquist PCB By Color (5)

  • Green Bergquist PCB

    The Green Bergquist PCB offers a good color range of contrast on a board. Furthermore, it is the most widely used solder mask color in the PCB industry because of its simplicity and it is light to look at.

  • Blue Bergquist PCB

    A Blue Bergquist PCB boosts the overall aesthetics of the device. It doesn’t offer a high-contrast background color. However, if you’re looking for manufacturing-related errors, it is advisable to use a magnifying tool.

  • Clear Bergquist PCB

    A Clear Bergquist PCB also termed as transparent is a unique type of solder mask color. It is considered to be a special one since it is rare to find this sort of color. This is ideal for applications where it requires aesthetics.

  • Red Bergquist PCB

    A Red Bergquist PCB is just another sort of solder mask color for aesthetics, however, the color red enables for easy removal of flux traces. Regardless of its color, it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the PCB.

  • Black Bergquist PCB

    A Black Bergquist PCB is commonly deployed in LCD back panels since it provides a great contrast between the components. Just like any other solder mask color, matte or glossy finish, it doesn’t contribute to the PCBs performance.

Bergquist PCB Benefits

24h Online Support
24h Online Support

PCBTok can offer 24h online support for you. When you have any PCB-related questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Production Efficiency
Production Efficiency

PCBTok can build your PCB prototypes quickly. We also provide 24 hour production for quick-turn PCBs at our facility.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We often ship goods by international forwarders such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. If they are urgent, we use priority express service.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

PCBTok has passed ISO9001 and 14001, and also has USA and Canada UL certifications. We strictly follow IPC class 2 or class 3 standards for our products.

Advantages of Deploying Bergquist PCB

With the rest of PCBs having their very own capabilities, the Bergquist PCB too has its own. We’ll share with you some of the abilities that a Bergquist PCB can provide.

  • Durability – Bergquist PCB is known to be durable, hence it perfectly works for operations that require a long duration.
  • Functionality – Due to its versatility, it can be utilized in various working situations.
  • Temperature Compatibility – It still performs best both in low operating and low junction temperatures.

Amongst all the benefits a Bergquist PCB can offer, the aforementioned advantages are the most essential features you must carefully look at. If you have more questions regarding its capabilities, feel free to inquire with us.

Advantages of Deploying Bergquist PCB
Bergquist PCB Composition

Bergquist PCB Composition

Each PCB has its own different and unique compositions and characteristics; Bergquist PCB isn’t an exemption from that. The following are some of the qualities that make up a Bergquist PCB.

  • Frequency: It has about a 1 MHz range; considered to be high.
  • Temperature: Bergquist PCB possesses high transition.
  • Material Loss: It is built to prevent this during operation.
  • Dielectric Constant: It has a minimum value; a central one.

These are some of the compositions that a Bergquist PCB possesses. Should you have any clarifications concerning this, do not hesitate to send us a message to know more.

Materials that Comprise the Bergquist PCB

In a Bergquist PCB, the primary elements that comprise it are copper and aluminum. Without these two elements, the Bergquist PCB cannot and will not attain its highest performance possible.

Nevertheless, these are just the foundation materials utilized in making a Bergquist PCB. Silicon, stainless steel, and alumina are also some of the materials utilized to create an exceptional Bergquist PCB.

The following materials are deployed in Bergquist PCB to ensure its dimensional stability, and to provide it significant flame-resistant properties. Send us a message right away!

Materials that Comprise the Bergquist PCB

Take PCBTok’s Remarkable and Perfected Bergquist PCB

Take PCBTok’s Remarkable and Perfected Bergquist PCB
Take PCBTok’s Remarkable and Perfected Bergquist PCB

If you’re seeking to acquire a Bergquist PCB that is crafted and made with materials that are of top-notch quality, then PCBTok is the perfect manufacturer for you. We have been serving premium Bergquist PCB for over a decade and so already.

Our Bergquist PCB is constructed with the utmost care, and a series of assessments to check whether it can execute its purpose without any issues along the way.

We at PCBTok don’t want to waste any of your time and money invested in us; we want to provide you with the full worth of your expense. Your satisfaction with our products and services is our greatest achievement; hence we value you in our efforts.

Enquire today, and have your very own Bergquist PCB with us!

Bergquist PCB Fabrication

Established Tests and Evaluation for Bergquist PCB

Are you seeking a Bergquist PCB that is thoroughly tested and inspected?

PCBTok’s Bergquist PCB is what you’re looking for. All of the Bergquist PCBs have undergone various assessments to achieve the highest quality.

We conduct functional tests for our Bergquist PCB to make sure there’s no defect in the circuit board itself and to ensure the performance and productivity of the item.

Apart from the functional tests, we also conduct the basic tests that all of the PCBs undergo to make sure they are of good quality such as the flying probe test.

If this satisfies what you’re looking for, then send us a message right away!

Bergquist PCB Manufacturing Procedure

PCBTok has been manufacturing Bergquist PCB for over a decade already.

With that amount of time, we have acquired knowledge and expertise in conducting a procedure that will make the Bergquist PCB an elite product.

Designing, transferring the file to film, printing the inner layers, removing extra copper, aligning the different layers, and optical inspection are the procedure phases.

Each phase has its own unique reasons why we include them in the process. One thing’s for sure, we built this process to guarantee a superb Bergquist PCB product.

Does this sound right to you? Then, immediately contact us today!

OEM & ODM Bergquist PCB Applications

Bergquist PCB for Power Conversions

In Power Conversion applications, a Bergquist Thermal Clad PCB is utilized because of its compact size, and it is known to offer good thermal performance.

Bergquist PCB for LED Applications

Due to Bergquist PCB exceptional thermal property capabilities, it has been widely used in applications where emitting heat is present; the LEDs.

Bergquist PCB for Motor Drive Applications

Since Bergquist PCB are suitable for high temperature applications and it has a good dielectric material on it, it is frequently deployed in Motor Drive devices.

Bergquist PCB for Sound Box Applications

Bergquist PCBs are also considered to be tolerant in high-frequency applications and is an ideal option for sensitive devices; they’re widely used for sound box.

Bergquist PCB for Power Supply Modules

Bergquist PCB is known to be built with a good heat sink and has exceptional flame resistant properties; hence it is perfectly ideal for Power Supply Modules.

Bergquist PCB
PCBTok - China’s Noteworthy Bergquist PCB Producer

We have completely furnished professionals with years of experience to fulfill your Bergquist PCB desires

We all have one goal as a team; to satisfy and make our consumers happy with our services and circuit boards

Bergquist PCB Production Details As Following Up

NO Item Technical Specification
Standard Advanced
1 Layer Count 1-20 layers 22-40 layer
2 Base Material KB、Shengyi、ShengyiSF305、FR408、FR408HR、IS410、FR406、GETEK、370HR、IT180A、Rogers4350、Rogers400、PTFE Laminates(Rogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、Nelco series)、Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
3 PCB Type Rigid PCB/FPC/Flex-Rigid Backplane、HDI、High multi-layer blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
4 Lamination type Blind&buried via type Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 3 times laminating Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 2 times laminating
HDI PCB 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating
5 Finished Board Thickness 0.2-3.2mm 3.4-7mm
6 Minimum Core Thickness 0.15mm(6mil) 0.1mm(4mil)
7 Copper Thickness Min. 1/2 OZ, Max. 4 OZ Min. 1/3 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
8 PTH Wall 20um(0.8mil) 25um(1mil)
9 Maximum Board Size 500*600mm(19”*23”) 1100*500mm(43”*19”)
10 Hole Min laser drilling size 4mil 4mil
Max laser drilling size 6mil 6mil
Max aspect ratio for Hole plate 10:1(hole diameter>8mil) 20:1
Max aspect ratio for laser via filling plating 0.9:1(Depth included copper thickness) 1:1(Depth included copper thickness)
Max aspect ratio for mechanical depth-
control drilling board(Blind hole drilling depth/blind hole size)
0.8:1(drilling tool size≥10mil) 1.3:1(drilling tool size≤8mil),1.15:1(drilling tool size≥10mil)
Min. depth of Mechanical depth-control(back drill) 8mil 8mil
Min gap between hole wall and
conductor (None blind and buried via PCB)
7mil(≤8L),9mil(10-14L),10mil(>14L) 5.5mil(≤8L),6.5mil(10-14L),7mil(>14L)
Min gap between hole wall conductor (Blind and buried via PCB) 8mil(1 times laminating),10mil(2 times laminating), 12mil(3 times laminating) 7mil(1 time laminating), 8mil(2 times laminating), 9mil(3 times laminating)
Min gab between hole wall conductor(Laser blind hole buried via PCB) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2)
Min space between laser holes and conductor 6mil 5mil
Min space between hole walls in different net 10mil 10mil
Min space between hole walls in the same net 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB) 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB)
Min space bwteen NPTH hole walls 8mil 8mil
Hole location tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
NPTH tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Pressfit holes tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Countersink depth tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
Countersink hole size tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
11 Pad(ring) Min Pad size for laser drillings 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via) 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via)
Min Pad size for mechanical drillings 16mil(8mil drillings) 16mil(8mil drillings)
Min BGA pad size HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 10mil(7mil is ok for flash gold) HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 7mi
Pad size tolerance(BGA) ±1.5mil(pad size≤10mil);±15%(pad size>10mil) ±1.2mil(pad size≤12mil);±10%(pad size≥12mil)
12 Width/Space Internal Layer 1/2OZ:3/3mil 1/2OZ:3/3mil
1OZ: 3/4mil 1OZ: 3/4mil
2OZ: 4/5.5mil 2OZ: 4/5mil
3OZ: 5/8mil 3OZ: 5/8mil
4OZ: 6/11mil 4OZ: 6/11mil
5OZ: 7/14mil 5OZ: 7/13.5mil
6OZ: 8/16mil 6OZ: 8/15mil
7OZ: 9/19mil 7OZ: 9/18mil
8OZ: 10/22mil 8OZ: 10/21mil
9OZ: 11/25mil 9OZ: 11/24mil
10OZ: 12/28mil 10OZ: 12/27mil
External Layer 1/3OZ:3.5/4mil 1/3OZ:3/3mil
1/2OZ:3.9/4.5mil 1/2OZ:3.5/3.5mil
1OZ: 4.8/5mil 1OZ: 4.5/5mil
1.43OZ(positive):4.5/7 1.43OZ(positive):4.5/6
1.43OZ(negative ):5/8 1.43OZ(negative ):5/7
2OZ: 6/8mil 2OZ: 6/7mil
3OZ: 6/12mil 3OZ: 6/10mil
4OZ: 7.5/15mil 4OZ: 7.5/13mil
5OZ: 9/18mil 5OZ: 9/16mil
6OZ: 10/21mil 6OZ: 10/19mil
7OZ: 11/25mil 7OZ: 11/22mil
8OZ: 12/29mil 8OZ: 12/26mil
9OZ: 13/33mil 9OZ: 13/30mil
10OZ: 14/38mil 10OZ: 14/35mil
13 Dimension Tolerance Hole Position 0.08 ( 3 mils)
Conductor Width(W) 20% Deviation of Master
1mil Deviation of Master
Outline Dimension 0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.10 mm ( 4 mils)
Conductors & Outline
( C – O )
0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.13 mm ( 5 mils)
Warp and Twist 0.75% 0.50%
14 Solder Mask Max drilling tool size for via filled with Soldermask (single side) 35.4mil 35.4mil
Soldermask color Green, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Silkscreen color White, Black,Blue,Yellow
Max hole size for via filled with Blue glue aluminium 197mil 197mil
Finish hole size for via filled with resin  4-25.4mil  4-25.4mil
Max aspect ratio for via filled with resin board 8:1 12:1
Min width of soldermask bridge Base copper≤0.5 oz、Immersion Tin: 7.5mil(Black), 5.5mil(Other color) , 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper≤0.5 oz、Finish treatment not Immersion Tin : 5.5 mil(Black,extremity 5mil), 4mil(Other
color,extremity 3.5mil) , 8mil( on copper area
Base coppe 1 oz: 4mil(Green), 5mil(Other color) , 5.5mil(Black,extremity 5mil),8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 1.43 oz: 4mil(Green), 5.5mil(Other color) , 6mil(Black), 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 2 oz-4 oz: 6mil, 8mil( on copper area)
15 Surface Treatment Lead free Flash gold(electroplated gold)、ENIG、Hard gold、Flash gold、HASL Lead free、OSP、ENEPIG、Soft gold、Immersion silver、Immersion Tin、ENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finge
Leaded Leaded HASL
Aspect ratio 10:1(HASL Lead free、HASL Lead、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion silver、ENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Max finished size HASL Lead 22″*39″;HASL Lead free 22″*24″;Flash gold 24″*24″;Hard gold 24″*28″;ENIG 21″*27″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 21″*48″;Immersion Tin 16″*21″;Immersion silver 16″*18″;OSP 24″*40″;
Min finished size HASL Lead 5″*6″;HASL Lead free 10″*10″;Flash gold 12″*16″;Hard gold 3″*3″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 8″*10″;Immersion Tin 2″*4″;Immersion silver 2″*4″;OSP 2″*2″;
PCB thickness HASL Lead 0.6-4.0mm;HASL Lead free 0.6-4.0mm;Flash gold 1.0-3.2mm;Hard gold 0.1-5.0mm;ENIG 0.2-7.0mm;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 0.15-5.0mm;Immersion Tin 0.4-5.0mm;Immersion silver 0.4-5.0mm;OSP 0.2-6.0mm
Max high to gold finger 1.5inch
Min space between gold fingers 6mil
Min block space to gold fingers 7.5mil
16 V-Cutting Panel Size 500mm X 622 mm  ( max. ) 500mm X 800 mm ( max. )
Board Thickness 0.50 mm (20mil) min. 0.30 mm (12mil) min.
Remain Thickness 1/3 board thickness 0.40 +/-0.10mm( 16+/-4 mil )
Tolerance ±0.13 mm(5mil) ±0.1 mm(4mil)
Groove Width 0.50 mm (20mil) max. 0.38 mm (15mil) max.
Groove to Groove 20 mm (787mil) min. 10 mm (394mil) min.
Groove to Trace 0.45 mm(18mil) min. 0.38 mm(15mil) min.
17 Slot Slot size tol.L≥2W PTH Slot: L:+/-0.13(5mil) W:+/-0.08(3mil) PTH Slot: L:+/-0.10(4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
NPTH slot(mm) L+/-0.10 (4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil) NPTH slot(mm) L:+/-0.08 (3mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
18 Min Spacing from hole edge to hole edge 0.30-1.60 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.10mm(4mil)
1.61-6.50 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.13mm(5mil)
19 Min spacing between hole edge to circuitry pattern PTH hole: 0.20mm(8mil) PTH hole: 0.13mm(5mil)
NPTH hole: 0.18mm(7mil) NPTH hole: 0.10mm(4mil)
20 Image transfer Registration tol Circuit pattern vs.index hole 0.10(4mil) 0.08(3mil)
Circuit pattern vs.2nd drill hole 0.15(6mil) 0.10(4mil)
21 Registration tolerance of front/back image 0.075mm(3mil) 0.05mm(2mil)
22 Multilayers Layer-layer misregistration 4layers: 0.15mm(6mil)max. 4layers: 0.10mm(4mil) max.
6layers: 0.20mm(8mil)max. 6layers: 0.13mm(5mil) max.
8layers: 0.25mm(10mil)max. 8layers: 0.15mm(6mil) max.
Min. Spacing from Hole Edge to Innerlayer Pattern 0.225mm(9mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min.Spacing from Outline to Innerlayer Pattern 0.38mm(15mil) 0.225mm(9mil)
Min. board thickness 4layers:0.30mm(12mil) 4layers:0.20mm(8mil)
6layers:0.60mm(24mil) 6layers:0.50mm(20mil)
8layers:1.0mm(40mil) 8layers:0.75mm(30mil)
Board thickness tolerance 4layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil) 4layers:+/-0.10mm(4mil)
6layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil) 6layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil)
8-12 layers:+/-0.20mm (8mil) 8-12 layers:+/-0.15mm (6mil)
23 Insulation Resistance 10KΩ~20MΩ(typical:5MΩ)
24 Conductivity <50Ω(typical:25Ω)
25 Test voltage 250V
26 Impedance control ±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)

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  • “I’d like to thank PCBTok for the kind and professional service they’ve provided me. Also, to their exceptional circuit board product, they have supplied to me. Ordering from such a far place from where I am can be worrisome, however, all of those worries washed away by the time my order came. Just like what PCBTok assured me, it really did come to my house in a very pleasant condition. Thank you for making sure my expectations were met, PCBTok! I am glad that I had my purchase with you!”

    Stephen Williams, Systems Engineer from Nebraska, USA
  • “I highly recommend PCBTok for your PCB purchases, be it in bulk or in a small order quantity. From my experience, I placed a bulk order with them, and they’ve shown and provided me first with some examples for me to grasp what my orders would look like as a tangible product. I was glad that they made that for me because if they didn’t, it will be a waste. After they showed me the sample product, I realized that there were some lacking circuit traces on my circuit board. And so, I asked them if they could fix the file that I sent to them and fix my mistake. Fortunately, they have people who are experts and understood my concern, and so they’ve worked it out right away. Nonetheless, their staffs are so approachable and professionals at their work and the bulk products I’ve ordered were correct.”

    Scarlett Webster, Electronics Technician from South Australia
  • “PCBTok has been providing me all of my PCBs for months already. With that amount of time, I never received any defective circuit boards; all are in perfectly good shape and are still functioning as of the moment. Also, their staffs are praiseworthy too; they’ve been so professional to me ever since the first time I’ve talked to them. Now, I am already attached to PCBTok, both with their products and their people. Thank you so much for your great service PCBTok!”

    Daphne Cohen, Computer Hardware Engineer from Nunavut, Canada

Bergquist PCB – The Completed FAQ Guide

You’ve probably heard of Bergquist PCB, but do you really know what it is? It may surprise you to learn that this board manufacturer is well-known for producing high-quality circuit boards that are simple to use and assemble. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of PCB construction. Several useful hints for using this board and other resources are provided below. We hope you like it!

What Is Bergquist PCB?

Bergquist PCBs are printed circuit boards with aluminum-based copper-clad laminates. These boards are known for their extremely high durability and excellent thermal and mechanical properties. They are also extremely flame-retardant and have excellent electromagnetic shielding due to their copper laminate substrate. Their final manufacturing process includes functional testing to ensure that the hardware is free of defects. Even if the PCB is free of visible defects, any defect in the hardware can have a significant impact on the performance of the system it is designed for.

A copper substrate is used in this process, with base metal attached to the top circuit layer through vias. To make it look like a base, the copper substrate can be surface treated. Copper is also a good base metal for this type of circuit board. Because copper has a high coefficient of thermal expansion, it is a good choice for the base layer. Because copper is relatively inexpensive, it is also an attractive base material.

The base layer of Bergquist PCBs is typically 35 to 350 microns thick and is made of copper and aluminum. The substrate is also made of copper, but it can be a combination of metals and composites. A specialist manufacturer, such as PCBTok, has created Bergquist PCBs with a base made of high-quality aluminum and copper as well as various stainless steel alloys.

What Are the Benefits of Bergquist Thermal Clad PCB?

Engineers evaluate the available dielectric materials during the design process and select the best option for the application. Thermal conductivity and electrical resistance are two key factors in thermal performance. Thermal impedance measures the rate of temperature drop in each watt stack. Low thermal impedance indicates that more heat is being removed from the component.

Bergquist Thermal Clad’s ability to change mechanical and electrical properties during the glass transition is one of its advantages. When operating above the glass transition, the circuit’s CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) and storage modulus (SM) are reduced. The operating temperature of Bergquist Thermal Clad PCBs depends on their dielectric type. HT Bergquist PCBs are used in high-temperature applications.

The thermal cladding has many advantages for LED applications. It allows the efficient use of LED light engines in a variety of applications because it can be used for special shapes and bends. Hot melt cladding can also be used for hot rail and molding applications. Manufacturers can use hot melt cladding to remove the dielectric layer and form the metal on a three-dimensional substrate. Mechanical fasteners can also be used with thermal cladding.

Bergquist PCB Sample

Bergquist PCB Sample

Bergquist Thermal Clad is available in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of any application. You can choose to use copper, aluminum, or both. Copper, for example, is highly thermally and electrically efficient. Copper can also be finished with an appropriate surface finish. Like aluminum, copper has a commercial-quality brushed surface. You can also choose between sheet and reel configurations.

What Are the Applications of Bergquist PCB?

The production of Bergquist printed board circuits is very similar to the production of other types of circuits, with one important exception: the substrate is not actually an active circuit. In most PCB applications, the active circuit is a copper IMS substrate that is connected to the top circuit layer through electrical vias. Selective removal of the dielectric material from the Bergquist PCB exposes the substrate, which is surface-treated like the rest of the circuit pads. On the other hand, this process places no restrictions on the size or geometry of the substrate and allows for precise placement relative to the circuit.

The process of manufacturing Bergquist PCBs for most PCBs involves applying a series of voltages to the board. The voltage is increased to ensure that no components are displaced. If the test fails, the board assembly may fail. The PCB test will determine if the PCB is working properly and if there are any defects. The electrical conditions of the Bergquist PCB are then used to evaluate its performance in the system.

Bergquist PCB Assembly

Bergquist PCB Assembly

The thermally fused cladding has long been used in LED applications due to its excellent thermal properties. Bergquist PCB manufacturing allows custom bending and shaping, allowing LED light engines to be used in any application. Hot melt cladding is also becoming increasingly popular in hot rail and molding applications. The dielectric can be removed from the base copper and then formed on a three-dimensional substrate. The lower the thermal impedance, the more heat can be transferred away from the component.

Why Is Functional Test of Bergquist PCB important?

When should I perform Bergquist PCB functional tests? A thermal model will verify the functionality of the board. More extensive functional testing will allow the PCB to pass a series of operational tests. This will eliminate expensive system testing, reduce debug time, and improve PCB testing. Here are some of the advantages of performing functional testing on Bergquist PCBs.

If the board is used for high-current applications, it should be thermally stable. Solder joints in large devices may be subjected to excessive stress. In addition, the base layer must match the thermal expansion of the component and be assembled correctly. If the base layer is too stiff, the connection may fail. The test uses UV lasers. They have the ability to cut through various materials such as copper, resin, and glass. The depth of the cut can be determined by the focus of the laser.

Bergquist PCB Test

Bergquist PCB Test

High-quality Bergquist PCBs can perform well over a wide temperature range. Due to its thermal stability, it is ideally suited for high-temperature applications. It also has excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference and thermal stress. Bergquist’s cutting-edge testing facilities enable them to meet the highest standards of electrical integrity. They are recognized as an industry leader in this field.

Which Are the Quality Standards for Bergquist PCB?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a PCB. The most important of these are operating voltage, tolerances, and electrically acceptable elements. Less technical components can be selected based on their size, availability, or cost. Some components may be difficult to position, causing delays in assembly. To avoid confusion or ambiguity during assembly, PCBs should be labeled with part numbers.

High-quality Bergquist PCBs must pass rigorous qualification tests. Adhesion and thermal stress as well as various electrical and mechanical parameters are the basic criteria. In addition to these requirements, the manufacturer must also be certified to ISO 9001:2000. Some PCBs are also subject to additional tests to determine their safety and performance. Some companies have received U.L. approval or certification. If these requirements are met, it can be determined that the PCBs are of high quality.

Bergquist PCB Copper

Bergquist PCB Copper

A high-quality Bergquist PCB has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Its aluminum base is dimensionally stable and serves as a good heat sink. It is typically used to power LEDs, sound systems, and power modules. It also includes a sound insulation system. Due to these features, it is an excellent choice for sensitive courses. The features of the Bergquist PCB are listed below.

The dielectric layer used in the Bergquist PCB is crucial. It is available in different thicknesses and is also used in applications that require high thermal properties. Aluminum is usually used for the dielectric layer, but other metals can also be used. In either case, the substrate will be made of various thicknesses from 35 to 350 microns. The dielectric material is critical to the overall quality of the Bergquist PCB.

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