PCBTok’s Exceptionally Built Box Build Assembly

PCBTok’s Box Build Assembly is thoroughly performed to prevent mistakes along the way; thus, engineers are constantly checking the process regularly.

  • We offer a range of payment options.
  • A thorough CAM is supplied to you before production.
  • Providing your PCBs with full backing.
  • Samples of the products are offered before initiating large purchases.
  • Around-the-clock accessibility to qualified and experienced professional support.
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Noteworthy Box Build Assembly Services by PCBTok

We at PCBTok aim to deliver Box Build Assembly that you will surely remember because of its good quality that will last longer and will function efficiently.

Apart from the quality products, we guarantee you a soft transaction with us; we want to leave you a positive experience in PCBTok.

All of these will not be possible without the professional staff we have here to support your needs hundred percent, and will accommodate you until the transaction’s done.

Your satisfaction is our motivation.

Our mission to fulfill your Box Build Assembly has always been our goal ever since we started; we are still aiming and providing it to our customers up to this moment.

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Box Build Assembly By Feature

Turnkey Box Build Assembly

The Turnkey Box Build Assembly is a fully-furnished product that’s already available for immediate use. You have an option to ask us to build your PCB from procurement to shipping, and you can also acquire the parts and let us build it.

SMT Box Build Assembly

The SMT Box Build Assembly is also known as Surface Mount Technology is a process of mounting components directly on a circuit board; it is commonly performed individually. Also, this is considered to be a good alternative for the through-hole process.

OEM Box Build Assembly

The OEM Box Build Assembly is the acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. We manufacture and offer PCB materials that can be used in every circuit board application to other companies; however, we can also attach it to your Box Build PCBA.

Common Box Build Assembly

The Common Box Build Assembly is recognized to be an ideal alternative if you require a complex circuit board but has complete components and parts needed. This type of assembly is responsible from cabling up until the inspection.

EMS Box Build Assembly

The EMS Box Build Assembly service can offer you numerous manufacturing services. This means that we can supply you with everything; starting from the designing of your Box Build PCBA, the construction and assembly, and necessary testing.

Final Box Build Assembly

The Final Box Build Assembly, as its name indicates, it is the final phase of every assembly service. This includes adding instruction manuals to the product box concerning the design of circuit board and manufacturing, and the labeling and packaging.

Box Build Assembly By Type (5)

  • Prototype Box Build Assembly

    In essence, the Prototype Box Build Assembly has the main mission to supply you with a product to test and check its functionality. There are several prototype options you could take; working, functional, visual models, and proof of concept prototypes.

  • Customized Box Build Assembly

    There are a variety of advantages a Customized Box Build Assembly can provide for your applications. This includes full control of your component placement, reduced costs, space-saving, and more durability.

  • Quick-Turn Box Build Assembly

    The Quick-Turn Box Build Assembly has the goal of shortening the assembly production by the shortest time possible without compromising the grade and quality of the board. However, it could still vary depending on how complex your design is.

  • Multilayer Box Build Assembly

    The Multilayer Box Build Assembly is recognized to be durable by nature due to its composition. Through the material that binds the layer together, a multilayer assembly can tolerate a specific amount of heat and pressure without any issues.

  • Quick-Lead Time Box Build Assembly

    The Quick-Lead Time Box Build Assembly has somehow the same goal as the quick-turn assembly process. It also aims to shorten the manufacturing process of the assembly without sacrificing the finished product’s overall quality.

Box Build Assembly By Uses (5)

  • Consumer Electronics Box Build Assembly

    Consumer Electronics require cable installation and cable harnessing, and they should be integrated accordingly since they are meant to be used daily; therefore, it is better to go for the Box Build Assembly in such applications.

  • Industrial Box Build Assembly

    In Industrial Box Build Assembly, you get to have a full set of a circuit boards; a complete solution. Commonly in the industrial sector, the installation of electrical systems is crucial. Thus, it is vital to just manufacture it one go to prevent issues along the way.

  • Medical Box Build Assembly

    The Medical Box Build Assembly assures that all highly complex devices can have a board that is perfectly suited for their applications such as for the devices in the medical industry. In addition, this sort of assembly underwent environmental testing.

  • Range Hood Box Build Assembly

    The Range Hood Box Build Assembly includes installing electro-mechanical assemblies. Through this kind of assembly, we can perform Surface Mount Technology and Plated-Through Hole techniques if you require us to do so.

  • Control Board Box Build Assembly

    The Control Board Box Build Assembly mostly demands materials that are advanced. Fortunately, this type of assembly can integrate HDI, High TG, and High-Frequency materials for such applications that will serve you well.

Box Build Assembly Benefits

24h Online Support
24h Online Support

PCBTok can offer 24h online support for you. When you have any PCB-related questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Production Efficiency
Production Efficiency

PCBTok can build your PCB prototypes quickly. We also provide 24 hour production for quick-turn PCBs at our facility.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

We often ship goods by international forwarders such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. If they are urgent, we use priority express service.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

PCBTok has passed ISO9001 and 14001, and also has USA and Canada UL certifications. We strictly follow IPC class 2 or class 3 standards for our products.

Service Advantages: Box Build Assembly

There are several advantages that a Box Build Assembly can offer. Here’s some of it:

  • Quality – This assembly service guarantees exceptional systems integration by conducting thorough testing.
  • Cost – The components of a Box Build Assembly are purchased in bulk.
  • Turnaround Time – Most of the prototypes used in this assembly are ready-made components; a 3D CAD model can be produced quickly.

If you’re curious about what more a Box Build Assembly can offer to your purposes and applications, you can direct message us; we are on any social media platform. We will be pleased to address any questions you may have on this matter.

Service Advantages: Box Build Assembly
Factors to Take into Account for Box Build Assembly

Factors to Take into Account for Box Build Assembly

In order for the manufacturer of a Box Build Assembly to produce you a high-grade result, there are some factors needed to consider.

  • 3D CAD Drawing – It should be error-free to handle complex assembly.
  • Dimensions – Specific size and weight make post-assembly tasks easier.
  • BOM – This is critical in procuring reliable assembly components and materials.
  • Prototype – The design should be complete.
  • Testing – The capability of both PCB and purposes should be conducted.
  • Documentation – This helps a lot in improving the overall design and quality.

Inbox us for more information regarding the following factors to consider.

Service Approaches: Box Build Assembly

You have three alternatives from which to construct your Box Build Assembly, and they are as follows:

  • Component-Based Approach – If your component’s figure requirements are aligned with the assembly itself; then, this is the perfect alternative to take.
  • Function-Based Approach – If your expected board has different functionality and individual components; then, this is the perfect option for you.
  • Functional Approach – A combination of the two mentioned approaches; suitable for miniature purposes.

If you’re not sure what approach to take, you can contact us and we’ll give our insights concerning the purpose of your Box Build Assembly.

Service Approaches: Box Build Assembly

PCBTok’s Asset in Supplying Premium Box Build Assembly

PCBTok’s Asset in Supplying Premium Box Build Assembly
PCBTok’s Asset in Supplying Premium Box Build Assembly

PCBTok’s Box Build Assembly process has been carefully designed and planned to achieve a commendable outcome. During the manufacturing process of your assembly, we have utilized our engineers and technical team to monitor the process.

After meticulous monitoring, we also make sure that all of your Box Build Assembly byproducts undergo various testing to achieve their greatest performance.

To ensure that our assemblies adhere to the operational requirements of the most recent international standards, PCBTok performs the most recent inspections on them. Additionally, we use cutting-edge technologies in our testing equipment.

These are all performed by our professional staff to ensure you obtain a product that is praiseworthy. Send your quote today!

Box Build Assembly Fabrication

Production Process: Box Build Assembly

After acquiring the necessary components and documentation for your Box Build Assembly, it is time to assemble it.

It goes through building PCBA, trace routing, PCBA testing, bottom layer assembly, interconnection, inspection, and final documentation.

After the final documentation, we will update you concerning your assembled product, and once approved by you we will immediately ship it out.

These stages are crucial in perfecting your Box Build PCB Assembly; an absence of one phase can greatly affect the overall performance.

For detailed information about each stage, you can message us.

Testing Performed: Box Build Assembly

Testing is a very crucial phase in constructing and assembling every PCB. This becomes a more essential step in a Box Build Assembly.

Both manual and automated inspection is conducted in such assembly for both its circuit board and up until its application purposes.

PCBTok conducts Automated Optical Inspection, Automated X-Ray Inspection, Flying Probe Test, and Solder Float Test in our Box Build Assembly.

All of these are crucial tests to perform in your Box Build Assembly to make sure they are performing well and will perform well for a long time.

For a more detailed explanation about these tests, kindly inbox us.

OEM & ODM Box Build Assembly Applications

Box Build Assembly for Aerospace Applications

Aerospace devices require a reliable PCBA in their operations; Box Build Assembly is thoroughly made to satisfy such demands.

Box Build Assembly for Military Applications

Same with aerospace devices, military applications require highly-reliable and good-quality PCBA. All of these are the strengths of a Box Build Assembly.

Box Build Assembly for Robotics

Robotics requires a PCBA that is high performing and good quality control since most of these gadgets are being relied on by people; the Box Build can fulfill that.

Box Build Assembly for Computer Systems

This assembly is frequently deployed in computer systems because it is capable of producing high-end performance at a very reasonable cost.

Box Build Assembly for Home Appliances

Home Appliances are prone to heating, thanks to Box Build Assembly’s capability to dissipate the heat it is no longer an issue for such occurrences.

Box Build Assembly
PCBTok - China’s Extremely Capable Box Build Assembly Manufacturer

We always strive to provide our customers a satisfactory Box Build Assembly services.

We’ve done it many times already, and we’ll keep on providing you with that.

Box Build Assembly Production Details As Following Up

Supported Capabilities
Types of Assembly THD (Thru-Hole Device)
SMT (Surface-Mount Technology)
SMT & THD mixed
2 sided SMT and THD assembly
Order quantity 1 to 10,000 boards
Components Passives parts, smallest size 0201
Fine pitch to 8 Mils
BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless chips
Connectors and terminals
Component Package Reels
Cut tape
Tube and tray
Loose parts and bulk
Board dimensions Smallest size: 0.2″ x 0.2″
Largest size: 15″ x 20″
Board shape Rectangular
Slots and Cutouts
Complex and Irregular
Board type Rigid FR-4
Rigid-Flex boards
Assembly process Leaded process
Lead-Free (RoHS)
Design file format Gerber RS-274X
BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
Centroid (Pick-N-Place/XY file)
Sales and support Emails
Phone calls
Electrical testing X-ray Inspection
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
Functional testing
Oven profile Standard
Turnaround time 1-3 days for only PCB assembly
10-16 days for turnkey PCB assembly
3-4days Quickest turnkey Prototype PCB assembly

PCBTok offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBTok and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBTok.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.


2. UPS

UPS gets the facts and figures about the world’s largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.
It normally takes 3-7 business days to deliver a package to most of the addresses in the world.


3. TNT

TNT has 56,000 employees in 61 countries.
It takes 4-9 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.


4. FedEx

FedEx offers delivery solutions for customers around the world.
It takes 4-7 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.


5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBTok, you can also choose
to ship via air, sea/air combined, and sea when necessary.
Please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

You can use the following payment methods:

Telegraphic Transfer(TT): A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. It’s very convenient to transfer.

Bank/Wire transfer: To pay by wire transfer using your bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch with the wire transfer information. Your payment will be completed 3-5 business days after you have finished the money transfer.

Paypal: Pay easily, fast and secure with PayPal. many other credit and debit cards via PayPal.

Credit Card: You can pay with a credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

Quick Quote
  • “With the exceptional service I’ve had from PCBTok, all of my expectations have consistently been met, and I’m delighted with that. Every time I have had custom-designed boards made, they have been done in the highest quality and with prompt service and performance. Additionally, I want to draw attention to their service, which guarantees that you’ll receive regular updates regarding your purchase. Some errors were discovered during the production phase, and they swiftly contacted me to get them rectified. In addition, the professional and courteous staff at PCBTok has always provided the highest quality customer service. A huge thanks to the entire team for this wonderful experience!”

    Ethan Pierce, Electrical Technologist from Adelaide, Canada
  • “The printed circuit boards that I recently received are in excellent shape. In my opinion, PCBTok is one of the best Chinese PCB manufacturers in the world. In addition, I want to thank their very professional employees for backing me during the entire production process. They adhered to my instructions and kept me informed of their progress at all times. They were such a professional company and treated me more than I deserved. That being said, I just wanted to let you know that I will keep purchasing from you starting today because I am so thrilled with the outcome I just received. I also hope that you will continue to treat me well. I’ll make sure to tell my colleagues what a fantastic manufacturer you are. Thanks a lot!”

    Jacqueline Jackson, Process Engineer from Arkansas, USA
  • “In order to communicate my contentment and pleasure with the superior quality of your PCBs, I’m writing this feedback in reference to my most recent purchase of fifty constructed PCBs. Some of it I’ve recently utilized for one of my applications, and every one of them performed well. I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work. In particular, I want to thank everyone who helped me throughout the journey, from my inquiries to the dispatch of my products. Additionally, thank you for ensuring that everything will be of the highest caliber; I am very satisfied with your work. I’m going to start using your services from today on for my future order. PCBTok, I’m extremely grateful.”

    Sandra Smith, Electrical Design Engineer from Vermont, USA

Box Build Assembly – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You may have read several reviews and asked about Box Build Assembly, and if so, you may be confused about some aspects of the project. If this is the case, this knowledge base article will give you a quick overview of the most important details to remember. Box Build Assembly is a complex process that must start with accurate data. In addition, the Ultimate FAQ Guide covers the key elements you should know before you begin your project.

To understand the complexity of box build assembly, you must first understand the materials and processes involved. A bill of materials is required before you can begin manufacturing. In many cases, it’s best to source these supplies yourself, but you may want to consider partnering with an experienced box assembly service provider. These partners will save you time and money in handling equipment and materials, while also serving as a second sight for your project.

Testing is an important part of the box build assembly process and should be done on several levels. Electrical testing must be performed on certain components (e.g., circuit boards) to ensure proper operation. In other cases, functional tests can be run to ensure that everything is working properly. A complete test plan will allow you to identify potential problems before assembling the entire product. When testing, ask about electrical safety and power usage.

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