PCBTok can Provide Different Certifications to Control High Quality for Your Products

PCBTok Certifications

PCBTok has passed quality control certifications ISO9001:2015 and  ISO14001:2015, meanwhile, we have certified the USA UL and Canada UL, whose number is E477880. We also have the REACH report and RoHS compliance if you need them.



ISO Certifications

ISO certification supports the increase of control over business processes and provides guidelines for manufacturing processes. It acts as a non-political forum of experts that helps businesses around the world comply with the same set of standards.

PCBTok has achieved ISO certification(9001 and 14001) and is able to charge higher prices and expect higher revenue. ISO certified businesses can also promote their products and services easily, using the ISO symbol on packaging, documentation, and product packaging. The ISO label offers many benefits to a product or service.

UL Certification

UL certification is a voluntary label that generates prestige for many products and consumer trust. Manufacturers and products meet the standards set by an independent laboratory that performs continuous audits.

UL-listed products and UL-recognized components have the same prestige and quality as those with the UL listing. These are just a few of the benefits of UL certification. Listed products can be sold directly to consumers and carry the UL listing. A product must meet the standards in order to be listed, and a UL listing is available for both finished products and components.

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