PCB Manufacturer's FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About PCBTok PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly

General Questions

How Many Workers Are There in PCBTok?

We have more than 500 workers in our facility.

Where are Your Printed Circuit Boards Manufactured?

As a professional PCB manufacturer, all printed circuit boards are manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Which Kinds of Certifications Does PCBTok Have?

PCBTok has ISO9001:2015, 1400:2015, the USA and Canada UL, RoHS, and REACH certifications.

Which Types of PCB Materials Does PCBTok Have?

We have FR4, CEM-1/3, Aluminum, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Isola, Polyimide, Ceramic, and so on.

How to choose PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material?

PCB material must be chosen entirely on the basis of a balance of design requirement, volume production, and cost. Electrical elements that need to be taken into account during high-speed PCB design are called design demands. In addition, the frequency should be taken into account when determining the dielectric constant and dielectric loss.

Is There Any Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) Requirement for PCB or PCB Assembly Order?

Typically, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for a new order, even if you can order one piece.

How Fast can I Expect a Response for My Quotation Request?

As for the quick-turn inquiry, we will respond to your quotation within 1-2 hours.

Generally, you will get your quotation within 24 hours.

Do You Provide Fast Service for PCB Production?

Yes, PCBTok can offer a 24hours quick-turn service for your PCB orders.

How Long Have You Been in the Industry of PCB Manufacturing?

We have a combined expertise of more than 40 years in providing high-tech PCB assembly and manufacturing services.

How Do You Maintain Budget for PCB Fabrication and PCB Manufacturing Service?

We use the most up-to-date and efficient manufacturing procedures, which save you both time and money.

Can You Provide Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCBs as Well?

Yes, PCBTok can help you to manufacture different types of flexible and rigid-flex PCBs.

What are Your PCB Fabrication standards?

We follow IPC Class 2 or Class 3 for PCB fabrication.

What Files and Documents do You Request for My PCB Orders?

Typically, you will provide Gerber files to us.

Which Type of PCB Manufacturing Services Offer by you?

PCB Layout, PCB Assembly, PCB Fabrication, PCB Prototype, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, PCB Box Builds, and more are among the services we provide.

Which Type of PCB Boards Do You Manufacture?

We specialize in a wide range of PCB segments, such as single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, Rigid, Flexible, and Rigid-flex PCBs.

Which Factors Affect PCB Cost?

The following listed are the key factors but not limited:

  • The quantity and size of the PCB.
  • The Number of Layers
  • Effective Panelization– Some board sizes and shapes can offer up to 80% Usable Panel Area, with very few “dead spaces”, while others come down to 50%. This would affect your price.
  • A number of holes in the boards are drilled on sophisticated NC drilling machines. These machines are quite expensive, and the machine time is expensive too, so fewer holes mean less machine time for drilling and lower cost.
  • A number of Hole Sizes– the slowest operation in drilling is the tool exchange. Usually, the boards are drilled at very high RPM values, up to 60-80.000 rpm. To change the tool, the machine has to stop the spindle, so we must wait until the tool stops rotating. Once the drill action has stopped, the machine must move to the drilling rack, replace the old tool, get a new tool, move back to the board drill position, drive the spindle again, and wait for the RPM value to reach the set point for the new tool. Each tool change takes approximately the same time as drilling 100-200 holes. Try to minimize the number of drill tools as much as possible. It is best to standardize any holes with diameter differences of only a few mils, if the change will pass your required tolerances.
  • PCB Laminate Material – when you intend to manufacture your board in volume, the right choice for the board laminate can save a lot of money. For instance, despite the superior characteristics of FR-4, all consumer electronics today still is manufactured on old paper FR-2 laminates as they cost two times less expensive than FR-4.
  • Trace Width / Part Spacing Requirements – these characteristics are closely related to the manufacturing yield. For instance, if your traces are wide enough (>20mils), the board can be manufactured with etch-resist single silkscreen printing operation instead of dry film lamination, exposure, and development.
  • Special board requirements, Controlled Impedances Via in Pad, Blind / Buried Vias, Microvias, etc., affect the manufacturing yield.
Do You Provide Free PCB Samples?

Yes, we provide Free PCB samples, and the qty is no more than 5 pcs. But we need to charge the samples first and return the PCB sample cost in your mass production if your sample order value is not more than the mass production value’s 1%.

Are All of Your PCBs RoHS Compliant?

Yes, we don’t provide leaded PCBs for environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. All of our materials, chemicals, and processes are RoHS-compliant. For HASL surface finish, we only provide lead-free HASL.

What Are Your Capabilities of PCB Fabrication?

We have capabilities for manufacturing most custom PCBs, and we list our PCB manufacturing capacities for all kinds of PCBs we can fabricate on our website. If you don’t understand them, if your PCB board requires special processing, or if you are not sure whether we have the capacities to fabricate, please contact us.

Can We Negotiate On My Price?

Even though our pricing is very low,  you can still discuss price with us to meet your cost reduction target, as the market demands.

What Is Your Standard Laminate Thickness?

Our standard laminate thickness is 1.6 mm (0.063″).

Which Materials Are Available In Your Stock?

FR408, FR408HR, IS410, FR406, GETEK, PCL-370HR; IT180A, IT-150DA; N4000-13, N4000-13EP, N4000-13SI, N4000-13EP SI;

Megtron 4, Megtron 6, Megtron 7(Panasonic); EM-827(Elite); GA-170(Grace Electron ); NP-180(Nanya); TU-752, TU-662,TU-768, TU-872(TaiwanUnion);

MCL-BE-67G(H), MCL-E-679(W) , MCL-E-679F(J)(Hitachi);  VT-47(Ventec)

What Other Laminate Thickness Options Do You Have?

We can also manufacture your boards with this non-standard laminate thickness: 0.2mm (0.0079″), 0.4mm (0.016″), 0.6mm (0.024″), 0.8 mm (0.032″), 1.0 mm (0.04″), 1.2mm (0.047″), 2.0mm (0.079″), 2.3mm (0.091″), etc.

Can You Manufacture On High-Frequency PCB Materials, Such As Rogers, etc?

Yes, we can, but such materials require additional costs compared with standard FR-4 type material. Please get in touch with us for more price information.

Which Common Rogers Materials Are Available In Stock?

Rogers 4350B, 4003C, 6035HTC, 3003, 3006, 3010, 3210, 5880, 6002, 6010, etc.

Do You Have PTFE Laminates?

Yes, such as Rogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、Nelco series、Taizhou Wangling F4BK series、TP series;

What Copper Thickness Option Do I Have?

We can offer 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.5 oz, 2.0 oz, 2.5 oz, 3.0 oz, and Heavy Copper PCB options at 3.5 oz, 4.0 oz, 4.5 oz, 5.0 oz, up to 100oz.

What Kind of File Format Can You Accept?

We can process Gerber RS-274X and ODB++ files.

Does Solder Mask Increase Your Prices?

No, the solder mask is the standard option for our prototypes, so all boards are produced with solder mask, which doesn’t increase the price.

What Solder Mask Colors Are Available for the PCBs?

Green, black, blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, yellow, and white solder masks.

What Silkscreen Colors Are Available for the PCBs?

White, Yellow, Black, Blue.

What Surface Finishes Can You Have?

HASL, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, ENEPIG, Hard Gold, Soft Gold, and more.

What Is Your Layer Count?

Single-side to 40 layers.

How Do You Test the PCBs?

We often use a flying probe test and fixture tester.

How Should PCBs Be Stored to Maximise Shelf Life?

PCBs should be vacuum sealed and stored in a dark dry location at room temperature.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Please contact us immediately. Charges may apply and depend on how far the order has progressed in the tooling/fabrication process. We will make our best effort to minimize the cost for our customers.

How Do I Track My Order?

Our sales representative will provide a tracking number once your order has shipped.

What’s Your Payment Method?

Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) Wiring or PayPal

Why Choose PCBTok as Your PCB Fabrication Supplier?

PCBTok is a professional and expert PCB fabrication supplier in China. We use cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with a combination of fast prototyping, and medium to mass production.

Sales Questions

How Many People are There in Your Sales Team?

There are more than 60 sales on our team.

What is the Working Time for Your Sales Team?

We have several sales teams and they can work with your local time.

Can Your Sales Team Speak Other Languages except English?

We have different sales teams and they can speak German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French.

Which Tools do You Use to Communicate with Customers?

Generally, we often use Email, Telephone, Skype, and WhatsApp to communicate with customers.

How Long can I Get My Quotation?

Typically, we can provide the offer within 1-2hours for the standard PCBs.

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