Confidently Producing PCB Goods with IC Substrate

We confidently claim that we are the leading manufacturer of IC Substrates. As well as the PCBs to which they are attached to called IC Substrate PCB.

  • Our large-scale facilities in Shenzhen have a lot to offer.
  • Products have received different certifications, including ISO9001 and ISO14001.
  • We are also UL certified for the United States and Canada.
  • We attend the PCB trade fairs in Europe to keep abreast with understanding of PCB safety.

You can surely rely on PCBTok for all of your IC Substrate and PCB requirements.

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PCBTok is the Premier IC Substrate Source

Every day on out plant, we handle standard IC Substrate PCB orders.

Likewise, we deal with as the PCB design required to make the board functional.

We have an equally sophisticated production line to meet all of your PCB demands.

This means that from this time forward, we can be relied on to provide fabrication and assembly services.

Please get in touch for more details!

We can expedite your PCB order, no matter how large or small.

The IC Substrates product range is also diversified. Read on.

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IC Substrate By Feature

BGA IC Substrate

BGA IC Substrate is available in single and multiple row configurations. We also have low-profile types available.

CSP IC Substrate

It is used for computer memory in popular recall. CSP IC Substrate is another name for Chip Scale Package or Chip Size Packet.

FC IC Substrate

It is used for this product when there is a Flip Chip for Flip Chip product assembly. It is also applicable if you have SiP.

FC-BGA IC Substrate

FC-BGA IC Substrate is a combo of the Flip Chip and Ball Grid Array IC Substrate. Typical application: in ASIC and processors.

Semiconductor IC Substrate

Semiconductor IC Substrate is a catch-all name for all IC substrate products. Modules cannot function in the absence of this type of product.

MCM IC Substrate

MCM IC Substrate is the full name for Multi-Chip Module. Sometimes, it is called a hybrid IC. Wire bonding may be used for attaching.

IC Substrate By Type of Board (7)

  • Rigid IC Substrate PCB

    Rigid IC Substrate PCBs gives consistent product performance while adhering to RoHS requirements. Lead-free versions of the Rigid PCB are also available.

  • Flex IC Substrate PCB

    Flex IC Substrate PCB is only for Flex PCBs. One of our specialties is preparing IC for attachment to flex PCB (FPC). QFN packages can be mounted.

  • Rigid-Flex IC Substrate PCB

    We make Rigid-Flex IC Substrate PCB for companies that demand miniaturized items. Some purchase similar goods such as CAF-resistant PCBs.

  • Multilayer IC Substrate PCB

    We normally build layers with an even number of layers for Multilayer IC Substrate PCB. These are intended to be efficient and safe.

  • HDI IC Substrate PCB

    A bill of materials makes it easier to receive your order. With HDI IC Substrate PCB, most know what is required.

  • Fine Pitch IC Substrate PCB

    We offer Fine Pitch IC Substrate PCB for Industrial PCBs, such as those used in digital infrastructure, such as cloud computing.

  • Ceramic IC Substrate PCB

    Ceramic IC Substrate PCB is not for inexperienced PCB manufacturers. Needs Rogers PCB experience.

IC Substrate By Board Characteristic (6)

A Dependable Maker of IC Substrate

IC Substrate PCBs are specialized products.

Several factors of assembly, such as precision, must be considered.

Correct specifications must be distinguished in order for the equipment to be dependable throughout, too.

When the order arrives, the client and/or the IT team should find it easy to use them.

Finally, IC Substrate must be built to last.

PCBTok adheres to these requirements. So, inquire about your deal today!

A Dependable Maker of IC Substrate
Expect High Class IC Substrate Fabrication

Expect High Class IC Substrate Fabrication

Semiconductors placed on IC Substrate products are now increasingly important.

Most IT equipment is required for daily business tasks; business would come to a stop without it.

As a result, these goods must be extremely accurate and effective.

Furthermore, the IC Substrate must be rated good internationally.

At PCBTok, we make globally-accepted well-produced IC Substrate PCBs.

You can order now.

Your IC Substrate is Executed Well

We can accommodate customization needs for every IC Substrate on a PCB order.

You don’t need to worry about being too specific with the details.

Our products are accessible in a variety of forms.

In fact, let’s have a conversation about it.

We can perform with your IC Substrate PCB what appears to be impossible.

Just chat or email us!

Your IC Substrate is Executed Well

Your Ideal IC Substrate Provider

Your Ideal IC Substrate Provider
Your Ideal IC Substrate Provider 2

Our goal for IC Substrate is to exclusively supply high-quality PCB with these items attached to the board.

  • PCB & PCBA leading manufacturer and factory
  • Can handle sophisticated PCBs for IC mounting, including BGA, FC, MCM, and hybrid chips.
  • Give you materials that are long-lasting.

We have a professional team for you to rely on. We’ll help you with your design.

IC Substrate PCB Fabrication

Awesome Performance with IC Substrate PCB

The use of rigid (not flexible) silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry is fundamental.

The silicon wafer, as a term, is equivalent with the words “IC substrate”.

In PCBTok, we manufacture IC substrate PCBs in our company.

Circuit board manufacturing is inextricably linked to IC substrates and wafers—PCB assembly entails placing the ICs on the PCBs. Efficiently performing IC Substrate PCB is guaranteed for you, by us.

Guaranteed Sure Shot PCB Process

If you require it for your IC Substrate PCB, PCBTok will provide you the circuit boards together with the relevant circuit board assembly service.

We can also provide BGA Assembly, Box Build Assembly, and Prototype Assembly.

For ICs on semiconductors, these are miniscule in size, need impedance control and are HDI.

All of these demands, we can execute with no problem.

OEM & ODM IC Substrate Applications

IC Substrate for Advanced Computers

Our device can support multicore processors, large amounts of RAM, and GPUs. For industrial-grade PCs, IC Substrates are essential for normal functioning.

IC Substrate for Analog Devices

Analog devices are still using IC Substrate for Analog Devices. One example is switch-mode for high-powered devices, as well as composite video equipment.

IC Substrate for Consumer Products

Items for commercial applications are carried by IC Substrate for Consumer Products and are subsequently routed through supply chain management. As a result, they must be strong enough to withstand transportation.

IC Substrate for Radio Frequency Applications

The use of IC Substrate in the RF band has grown in recent years. This PCB is also used in routers, RF tags, and RFID.

IC Substrate for the Medical Industry

Medical applications come in a variety of forms. These support IC Substrate PCBs that are small enough to be worn by patients in or out of confinement.

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We Always Put Quality First

Your future is in safe hands if you try our PCB services—

Only give IC Substrate PCBs to the most capable fabricator: PCBTok.

IC Substrate Production Details As Following Up

NO Item Technical Specification
Standard Advanced
1 Layer Count 1-20 layers 22-40 layer
2 Base Material KB、Shengyi、ShengyiSF305、FR408、FR408HR、IS410、FR406、GETEK、370HR、IT180A、Rogers4350、Rogers400、PTFE Laminates(Rogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、Nelco series)、Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
3 PCB Type Rigid PCB/FPC/Flex-Rigid Backplane、HDI、High multi-layer blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
4 Lamination type Blind&buried via type Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 3 times laminating Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 2 times laminating
HDI PCB 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating
5 Finished Board Thickness 0.2-3.2mm 3.4-7mm
6 Minimum Core Thickness 0.15mm(6mil) 0.1mm(4mil)
7 Copper Thickness Min. 1/2 OZ, Max. 4 OZ Min. 1/3 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
8 PTH Wall 20um(0.8mil) 25um(1mil)
9 Maximum Board Size 500*600mm(19”*23”) 1100*500mm(43”*19”)
10 Hole Min laser drilling size 4mil 4mil
Max laser drilling size 6mil 6mil
Max aspect ratio for Hole plate 10:1(hole diameter>8mil) 20:1
Max aspect ratio for laser via filling plating 0.9:1(Depth included copper thickness) 1:1(Depth included copper thickness)
Max aspect ratio for mechanical depth-
control drilling board(Blind hole drilling depth/blind hole size)
0.8:1(drilling tool size≥10mil) 1.3:1(drilling tool size≤8mil),1.15:1(drilling tool size≥10mil)
Min. depth of Mechanical depth-control(back drill) 8mil 8mil
Min gap between hole wall and
conductor (None blind and buried via PCB)
7mil(≤8L),9mil(10-14L),10mil(>14L) 5.5mil(≤8L),6.5mil(10-14L),7mil(>14L)
Min gap between hole wall conductor (Blind and buried via PCB) 8mil(1 times laminating),10mil(2 times laminating), 12mil(3 times laminating) 7mil(1 time laminating), 8mil(2 times laminating), 9mil(3 times laminating)
Min gab between hole wall conductor(Laser blind hole buried via PCB) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2)
Min space between laser holes and conductor 6mil 5mil
Min space between hole walls in different net 10mil 10mil
Min space between hole walls in the same net 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB) 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB)
Min space bwteen NPTH hole walls 8mil 8mil
Hole location tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
NPTH tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Pressfit holes tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Countersink depth tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
Countersink hole size tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
11 Pad(ring) Min Pad size for laser drillings 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via) 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via)
Min Pad size for mechanical drillings 16mil(8mil drillings) 16mil(8mil drillings)
Min BGA pad size HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 10mil(7mil is ok for flash gold) HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 7mi
Pad size tolerance(BGA) ±1.5mil(pad size≤10mil);±15%(pad size>10mil) ±1.2mil(pad size≤12mil);±10%(pad size≥12mil)
12 Width/Space Internal Layer 1/2OZ:3/3mil 1/2OZ:3/3mil
1OZ: 3/4mil 1OZ: 3/4mil
2OZ: 4/5.5mil 2OZ: 4/5mil
3OZ: 5/8mil 3OZ: 5/8mil
4OZ: 6/11mil 4OZ: 6/11mil
5OZ: 7/14mil 5OZ: 7/13.5mil
6OZ: 8/16mil 6OZ: 8/15mil
7OZ: 9/19mil 7OZ: 9/18mil
8OZ: 10/22mil 8OZ: 10/21mil
9OZ: 11/25mil 9OZ: 11/24mil
10OZ: 12/28mil 10OZ: 12/27mil
External Layer 1/3OZ:3.5/4mil 1/3OZ:3/3mil
1/2OZ:3.9/4.5mil 1/2OZ:3.5/3.5mil
1OZ: 4.8/5mil 1OZ: 4.5/5mil
1.43OZ(positive):4.5/7 1.43OZ(positive):4.5/6
1.43OZ(negative ):5/8 1.43OZ(negative ):5/7
2OZ: 6/8mil 2OZ: 6/7mil
3OZ: 6/12mil 3OZ: 6/10mil
4OZ: 7.5/15mil 4OZ: 7.5/13mil
5OZ: 9/18mil 5OZ: 9/16mil
6OZ: 10/21mil 6OZ: 10/19mil
7OZ: 11/25mil 7OZ: 11/22mil
8OZ: 12/29mil 8OZ: 12/26mil
9OZ: 13/33mil 9OZ: 13/30mil
10OZ: 14/38mil 10OZ: 14/35mil
13 Dimension Tolerance Hole Position 0.08 ( 3 mils)
Conductor Width(W) 20% Deviation of Master
1mil Deviation of Master
Outline Dimension 0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.10 mm ( 4 mils)
Conductors & Outline
( C – O )
0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.13 mm ( 5 mils)
Warp and Twist 0.75% 0.50%
14 Solder Mask Max drilling tool size for via filled with Soldermask (single side) 35.4mil 35.4mil
Soldermask color Green, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Silkscreen color White, Black,Blue,Yellow
Max hole size for via filled with Blue glue aluminium 197mil 197mil
Finish hole size for via filled with resin  4-25.4mil  4-25.4mil
Max aspect ratio for via filled with resin board 8:1 12:1
Min width of soldermask bridge Base copper≤0.5 oz、Immersion Tin: 7.5mil(Black), 5.5mil(Other color) , 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper≤0.5 oz、Finish treatment not Immersion Tin : 5.5 mil(Black,extremity 5mil), 4mil(Other
color,extremity 3.5mil) , 8mil( on copper area
Base coppe 1 oz: 4mil(Green), 5mil(Other color) , 5.5mil(Black,extremity 5mil),8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 1.43 oz: 4mil(Green), 5.5mil(Other color) , 6mil(Black), 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 2 oz-4 oz: 6mil, 8mil( on copper area)
15 Surface Treatment Lead free Flash gold(electroplated gold)、ENIG、Hard gold、Flash gold、HASL Lead free、OSP、ENEPIG、Soft gold、Immersion silver、Immersion Tin、ENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finge
Leaded Leaded HASL
Aspect ratio 10:1(HASL Lead free、HASL Lead、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion silver、ENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Max finished size HASL Lead 22″*39″;HASL Lead free 22″*24″;Flash gold 24″*24″;Hard gold 24″*28″;ENIG 21″*27″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 21″*48″;Immersion Tin 16″*21″;Immersion silver 16″*18″;OSP 24″*40″;
Min finished size HASL Lead 5″*6″;HASL Lead free 10″*10″;Flash gold 12″*16″;Hard gold 3″*3″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 8″*10″;Immersion Tin 2″*4″;Immersion silver 2″*4″;OSP 2″*2″;
PCB thickness HASL Lead 0.6-4.0mm;HASL Lead free 0.6-4.0mm;Flash gold 1.0-3.2mm;Hard gold 0.1-5.0mm;ENIG 0.2-7.0mm;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 0.15-5.0mm;Immersion Tin 0.4-5.0mm;Immersion silver 0.4-5.0mm;OSP 0.2-6.0mm
Max high to gold finger 1.5inch
Min space between gold fingers 6mil
Min block space to gold fingers 7.5mil
16 V-Cutting Panel Size 500mm X 622 mm  ( max. ) 500mm X 800 mm ( max. )
Board Thickness 0.50 mm (20mil) min. 0.30 mm (12mil) min.
Remain Thickness 1/3 board thickness 0.40 +/-0.10mm( 16+/-4 mil )
Tolerance ±0.13 mm(5mil) ±0.1 mm(4mil)
Groove Width 0.50 mm (20mil) max. 0.38 mm (15mil) max.
Groove to Groove 20 mm (787mil) min. 10 mm (394mil) min.
Groove to Trace 0.45 mm(18mil) min. 0.38 mm(15mil) min.
17 Slot Slot size tol.L≥2W PTH Slot: L:+/-0.13(5mil) W:+/-0.08(3mil) PTH Slot: L:+/-0.10(4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
NPTH slot(mm) L+/-0.10 (4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil) NPTH slot(mm) L:+/-0.08 (3mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
18 Min Spacing from hole edge to hole edge 0.30-1.60 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.10mm(4mil)
1.61-6.50 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.13mm(5mil)
19 Min spacing between hole edge to circuitry pattern PTH hole: 0.20mm(8mil) PTH hole: 0.13mm(5mil)
NPTH hole: 0.18mm(7mil) NPTH hole: 0.10mm(4mil)
20 Image transfer Registration tol Circuit pattern vs.index hole 0.10(4mil) 0.08(3mil)
Circuit pattern vs.2nd drill hole 0.15(6mil) 0.10(4mil)
21 Registration tolerance of front/back image 0.075mm(3mil) 0.05mm(2mil)
22 Multilayers Layer-layer misregistration 4layers: 0.15mm(6mil)max. 4layers: 0.10mm(4mil) max.
6layers: 0.20mm(8mil)max. 6layers: 0.13mm(5mil) max.
8layers: 0.25mm(10mil)max. 8layers: 0.15mm(6mil) max.
Min. Spacing from Hole Edge to Innerlayer Pattern 0.225mm(9mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min.Spacing from Outline to Innerlayer Pattern 0.38mm(15mil) 0.225mm(9mil)
Min. board thickness 4layers:0.30mm(12mil) 4layers:0.20mm(8mil)
6layers:0.60mm(24mil) 6layers:0.50mm(20mil)
8layers:1.0mm(40mil) 8layers:0.75mm(30mil)
Board thickness tolerance 4layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil) 4layers:+/-0.10mm(4mil)
6layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil) 6layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil)
8-12 layers:+/-0.20mm (8mil) 8-12 layers:+/-0.15mm (6mil)
23 Insulation Resistance 10KΩ~20MΩ(typical:5MΩ)
24 Conductivity <50Ω(typical:25Ω)
25 Test voltage 250V
26 Impedance control ±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)

PCBTok offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.

1. DHL

DHL offers international express services in over 220 countries.
DHL partners with PCBTok and offers very competitive rates to customers of PCBTok.
It normally takes 3-7 business days for the package to be delivered around the world.


2. UPS

UPS gets the facts and figures about the world’s largest package delivery company and one of the leading global providers of specialized transportation and logistics services.
It normally takes 3-7 business days to deliver a package to most of the addresses in the world.


3. TNT

TNT has 56,000 employees in 61 countries.
It takes 4-9 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.


4. FedEx

FedEx offers delivery solutions for customers around the world.
It takes 4-7 business days to deliver the packages to the hands
of our customers.


5. Air, Sea/Air, and Sea

If your order is of large volume with PCBTok, you can also choose
to ship via air, sea/air combined, and sea when necessary.
Please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

Note: if you need others, please contact your sales representative for shipping solutions.

You can use the following payment methods:

Telegraphic Transfer(TT): A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. It’s very convenient to transfer.

Bank/Wire transfer: To pay by wire transfer using your bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch with the wire transfer information. Your payment will be completed 3-5 business days after you have finished the money transfer.

Paypal: Pay easily, fast and secure with PayPal. many other credit and debit cards via PayPal.

Credit Card: You can pay with a credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro.

Quick Quote
  • “It’s a relief that PCBTok was able to assist us in resolving our issue. We now have two ‘like-new’ PCB prototypes, which we had no idea how to proceed after being stuck in the process. We were in big trouble until they intervened. The team was competent, pleasant, and thorough in all phases of the PCB project finalization. We now have a contract, which we are really happy about!”

    Enzo Barrois, Supply Chain Manager from Le Lamentin, French-Martinique
  • “PCBTok is the best in PCB design, and we were blown away. They listened to the problem, immediately proposed solutions, and provided ideas for future development. We wholeheartedly endorse them. My friends in the same business used their PCBA for many years as well. They have a reputation to be always on time and professionally thorough. I’m a new converted customer now.”

    Bastien Andre, Purchasing Officer from Luso-South Africa
  • “They dealt with the fact that my components were really tough to get and devised a solution. The PCB engineers also agreed to meet with me the next day, a Saturday, which is incredibly convenient for me. They answered follow-up questions and ensured that everything was in working order before releasing my PCB order. Nice job, indeed., PCBTok.”

    Rainer Stoeltie, Global Supplier Quality Manager from the Netherlands

IC Substrate: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are new to the IC substrate industry, you may want to learn more before delving into it. the IC substrate industry has stringent requirements and a host of proprietary restrictions. Many companies fail to gain the trust of their customers, let alone pass the initial environmental impact assessment. That’s why having the right knowledge is essential. Read on for some of the most important tips for starting a successful IC substrate business.

Polyimide, polyester, and co-fired ceramics are examples of IC substrate materials. Each of the various types has a different coefficient of thermal expansion. Specific applications require different substrate materials. Some of the most common substrate materials used in IC production are listed below. The substrate materials guide explains all types of materials, including thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.

IC substrates: This advanced type of printed circuit board offers superior functionality and represents a significant advancement over standard PCBs. IC substrate PCBs require specialized testing equipment, engineers who have mastered this type of PCB, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Ultimate IC Substrate Manufacturing FAQ Guide

MSAP: The MSAP process is the most widely used method for producing IC substrates. It is the most widely used IC substrate manufacturing technology and has been used for SLP (substrate-like packaging) since Apple introduced MSAP technology in the iPhone. Current designs combine MSAP with reduced etching. Another type of MSAP is ABF-like PCBs.

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