Megtron 4: Everything You Need To Know in 2022


One of the crucial phases in producing a circuit board is selecting the appropriate laminate for its applications that can handle its designated purposes efficiently.

Simply put, Megtron 4 is among those laminates that many people struggle to decide; they are highly suitable for high-speed and high-volume data transmission purposes.

In this article, we aim to provide our readers with the necessary details about this laminate, including its definition, properties, advantages, applications, differences with Megtron 6, and the correct way of selecting the desirable Megtron 4.

We suggest to keep on reading until the last piece of information we’ll share; we guarantee our consumers that after reading this article, they’ll fully comprehend Megtron 4.

Introduction to Megtron 4

Introduction to Megtron 4

What is a Megtron 4 laminate?

As mentioned, Megtron 4 is a kind of laminate that is recognized to be lead-free compatible, composed of multilayer materials, and highly suitable for high-speed applications.

Simply put, this laminate has been developed to support low dielectric constant with a value of 3.8 and High TG applications flawlessly at their optimum performance. Some well-known devices are measuring instruments, network equipment, routers, and servers. It also possesses a low dissipation factor with a value of .005 at 1 GHz.

In addition, Megtron 4 has gained popularity across the globe due to its lead-free soldering, RoHS compliance, and exceptional heat resistance. If Megtron 4 wouldn’t suffice one’s application, it has an improved version of it, and that is the Megtron 4S which will be further discussed in a different set of blog articles; for now, we’ll focus more on Megtron 4.

Nevertheless, Megtron 4S contains a higher TG value than the usual Megtron 4. Moreover, it is well-fitted in multi-lamination cycle types and hybrid construction. Overall, they do not have that much difference; however, 4S has more to offer than the usual one.

If planning to select Megtron 4 in the designated application, one can benefit from its protection against dust, water, and excess heat.

General Properties of Megtron 4

Essentially, a Megtron 4 functionality depends on two factors; we have extensive and intensive aspects to consider. About this, a Megtron 4 should have the exact properties to ensure that the laminate will perform efficiently.

We have the following properties of Megtron 4 for a better understanding of the laminate itself.

Chemical Properties

It is necessary to evaluate Megtron 4’s chemical capabilities; it should have acceptable and outstanding values for its reactivity, flammability, acidity, combustion, toxicity, and others. It should be able to withstand chemical elements to some extent to conclude that they are exceptional.

Thermal Properties

Besides the presence of chemicals in the environment, it is also crucial to consider the thermal capabilities of a Megtron 4; it should behave accordingly even when exposed to extreme temperature conditions. Hence, one should consider the values of its heat conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and decomposition temperature.

Physical and Mechanical Properties

Since we already evaluated the internal abilities of the Megtron 4, we can now proceed to its external capabilities. It should be able to withstand forces loaded into them without experiencing any bending or breaking. Thus, we suggest looking for its tensile strength, elongation, modulus, elasticity, and fatigue limits values.

Advantages of Deploying Megtron 4

Due to the countless benefits a Megtron 4 can offer, we suggest considering them as a laminate for every application. We’ve compiled all of the possible advantages of a Megtron 4 if you decide to utilize it for a particular purpose.

  • It has a low dielectric constant (DK).
  • It promotes lead-free soldering.
  • It has excellent value for its dielectric dissipation factor (Df).
  • It has exceptional resistance to heat.
  • It follows the standard guidelines; it is compliant with the quality requirements.
  • It can support the Through-Hole Assembly type.
  • In terms of transmission, it has a low loss.

Advantages of Deploying Megtron 4

Advantages of Deploying Megtron 4

Different Application Industry of Megtron 4

Generally, countless application industries utilize Megtron 4; however, we’ll only discuss the three (3) significant initiatives that prefer this laminate.

Some of them are as follows:

Telecommunication Industry

Due to Megtron 4 capability to efficiently perform in high-speed applications and exceptional conduction and insulation feature that ensures the smoothness of data transmission, they are widely helpful in the communications industry.

Medical Industry

Since Megtron 4 are well-known for its excellent thermal properties that can handle high-temperature conditions, they are preferred by the medical industry for its radiology machinery and other technology devices that deal with thermal.

Automotive Industry

One of the pros of using a Megtron 4 laminate is its lead-free property; this makes it friendly to users who constantly interact with an automotive. They are often found in vehicle lighting, communications, and data transmission.

Different Application Industry of Megtron 4

Different Application Industry of Megtron 4

Fundamental Materials of Megtron 4

There are a lot of misconceptions about Megtron 4, one of which is the materials that it deploys; there are few people who think that the materials used for Megtron 4’s construction are unique and expensive. However, it is not; we’ll clarify that in this section.

Some people say this since Megtron 4 has a lot to offer in its applications; hence, they think they are made of sophisticated and engineered materials. But little did they know, it only utilizes the materials other laminates possess.

Among its basic materials is fiberglass epoxy material due to its insulation capabilities. Then, it features a component that can prevent electrical leakage, termed polystyrene core material. However, we can still deploy aluminum and copper to contribute to the dielectric properties of the Megtron 4. Furthermore, inside the fiberglass epoxy, a flexible material is made to handle and survive changing environmental conditions.

Fundamental Materials of Megtron 4

Fundamental Materials of Megtron 4

Comparison Between Megtron 4 and Megtron 6

In order to fully understand the distinction between a Megtron 4 laminate against Megtron 6, we’ve made a comprehensive table to grasp each of the laminate’s concepts quickly. However, we’d like to share their similarities first before their differences.

Megtron products—Megtron 4, Megtron 6, Megtron 2, Megtron 7, and Megtron M—are extensively used as regulatory requirements for high-layer-count, lead-free PCBs in connectivity and other high-performance purposes.


Low Dielectric Constant at 3.8

Low Dielectric Constant at 3.7

Dielectric Dissipation Factor with a value of .005 at 1GHz.

Low Dielectric Dissipation Factor with a value of .002 at 1 GHz.

Low Transmission Loss

Low Transmission Loss

High Resistance to Heat

High Resistance to Heat

In-Depth Overview of Megtron 6

Factors to Consider before Utilizing a Megtron 4

One of the essential factors to consider before selecting and using a Megtron 4 is to understand the desired application area of the laminate; the user must view all of the factors that might affect the device, including its environment and temperature condition.

After deciding on the planned application, we suggest considering all types of Megtron 4; this will ensure that we’ll integrate the highly suitable class into the device. This will reduce the risk of failure and the cost of in the long run for maintenance and correction.

Apart from that, we suggest reading the Operation and Safety Manual before using a Megtron 4 laminate; this will guarantee that one will perform and integrate it per the standard guidelines. In addition, by following the manual, we can reduce the risks of potential damage and harm to the device and the user.

If unsure, we recommend going for a manufacturer with extensive industry knowledge and experience, such as PCBTok, for proper guidance.

Factors to Consider before Utilizing a Megtron 4

Factors to Consider before Utilizing a Megtron 4


To summarize, Megtron 4 has a lot to offer in various applications; however, it is vital to consider the particular type of it to safeguard the device from faults. Moreover, we’ve discussed its advantages and features to help someone decide.

Consequently, we’re seriously anticipating that you’ve learned a lot from this article about Megtron 4; if that’s the case, we’re hoping you’d message us for quotations. PCBTok guarantees a hundred percent customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Kindly direct message or call us for quicker assistance; we have experts on standby to accommodate you and your concerns.

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