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The in-between the spacing of the holes drilled and the item connectors are known as a PCB Pitch. The board is fine pitch if matrices are shorter than 0.7 mm or copper frameworks are shorter than 150 µm.

PCBTok offers a quick turnaround service for Prototype PCBs with 24-hour. Moreover, we have 24/7 sales, technical, and engineering support to address your concerns.

Additionally, all our boards are IPC Class 2 or 3 certified, UL certified in the US and Canada, and we distribute engineering questions within an hour or so.

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Determined to Supply High-Grade PCB Pitch

PCBTok is a company that prioritizes the quality of its products; hence, we are continuously enhancing the skills of our personnel for better output.

We constantly utilize top-tier raw materials and remarkable technologies in producing a premium PCB Pitch. Also, we offer complete customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we can specially customize this product for your purpose and desired applications; we have adequate facilities to accommodate your specifications.

PCBTok doesn’t tolerate mediocrity; hence, you can guarantee a remarkable result.

We are incredibly excited to have you with us and put into reality your desired board specifications. Kindly contact us for quicker assistance!

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PCB Pitch by Copper Thickness

0.5 oz Copper PCB

The 0.5 oz Copper PCB that we expressly incorporated in this particular product is an unusual option for small devices that has less conductivity. Moreover, it is considered to be a unique size and option among the manufacturers.

1 oz Copper PCB

The 1 oz Copper PCB that we specifically integrate into this particular product has the capability of managing optimized current carrying capacity with a higher power density at 34.79µm. In addition, it has the ability to suffice thermal strains.

2 oz Copper PCB

The 2 oz Copper that we expressly incorporated in this particular product has vias that can accommodate increased component density. Additionally, achieving enhanced wire management is exceptionally feasible through the same vias.

3 oz Copper PCB

The 3 oz Copper PCB that we specifically integrate into this particular product can be an ideal option for countless applications, including power supply, aerospace, automotive, and industrial applications due to its excellent mechanical support.

4 oz Copper PCB

The 4 oz Copper PCB that we specifically incorporate in this particular product can be highly useful in space systems and radar systems of high technology due to its high thermal endurance and electrical and mechanical strength.

6 oz Copper PCB

The 6 oz Copper PCB that we specifically integrate into this particular product is popular among consumers because of its nature-friendly feature; it is halogen-free. Also, it is highly durable due to the materials used and has higher functionality.

What is PCB Pitch?

As mentioned previously, the spacing among the cores of boreholes, circuit connections, and BGA pads is referred to as a PCB’s Pitch. Moreover, the rids and copper formations with a thickness of less than 0.7 mm and 150 µm are referred to as fine pitch.

An embedded circuit’s pin spacing, frequently referred to as its pitch dimension, is the distance among its solder connections; from one solder ball’s center to its other’s middle, it measures the separation between two adjacent solder balls — the degree of room among pads provided for wiring trails increases as the pitch rises.

In addition, the gap between the center and border of a surface mount’s pad approximates the mount’s pitch.

What is PCB Pitch?
How to Design a Pitch in PCB?

How to Design Pitch in PCB?

In most cases, a high-density implementation would have extremely fine-pitch pieces that also influence production costs and competencies.

The pads of an element get shorter as it starts to shrink; therefore, pick and place systems need to be highly exact. When using leadless and grid-array-based components, it may be necessary to do an X-Ray analysis during the construction process.

Since many choices and specifics depend on the tools and resources available at the PCB assembly services facility, establishing fine-pitch circuitry and products necessitates tight collaboration between the creator and the board provider.

Additionally, the PCB provider needs to offer relevant risk advice that CAM technicians and another board firm operational staff can deliver.

What are the Components Involved in Pitch PCB?

It is crucial to understand the components built into your board. Thus we’d like to give you an overview of them.

As far as the in-between gaps among the neighboring pads or solder balls are within 0.5mm, electrical components for Pitch PCB assembly, particularly fine-pitch, can be SMDs, ICs, BGAs, QFPs, and so forth. Typically, 0201, 0402, and occasionally 0603 are SMT components for such assembly.

The space among consecutive solder balls in fine-pitch components using solder balls, such as FBGAs and ICs, is often less than 0.5mm. For instance, the fine-pitch IC has 0.3mm between each pair of neighboring pins.

What are the Components Involved in Pitch PCB?

Go for PCBTok's Notable Quality of PCB Pitch

Go for PCBTok's Notable Quality of PCB Pitch
Go for PCBTok's Notable Quality of PCB Pitch

PCBTok is highly capable of producing a top-notch quality PCB Pitch since we already have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

Our over twelve years of professional experience have brought us countless commendations across the globe. Moreover, we can meet any of your demands.

We offer a broad range of PCB Pitch alternatives depending on your desired applications, such as Universal Prototype PCB, 0.35 Pitch Keyboard PCB, Protoboard 2.54 mm PCB Pitch, Adapter Socket PCB Pitch, Fiberglass PCB Pitch, and many other classifications.

In addition, we have an entire possession of ISO certifications. Also, we offer great deals daily. If you want to avail our best offers, kindly give us a call straight away!

PCB Pitch Fabrication

Advantages of PCB Pitch

In terms of the advantages of this product, it has a lot to offer. However, we can provide you with a glimpse of its capabilities.

First, it has a lower inductance in its packaging. Secondly, it has a higher pin density. Third, it has lower thermal resistance compared to others.

It can also significantly reduce space, allowing the PCB to accommodate more components; allowing increased functionality and performance.

It has been regarded that there is a direct proportion between the number of pins and speed; the higher the number of connector pins, the faster it is.

Feel free to shoot us a message with any queries you have!

Crucial Steps to Prevent Fine Pitch Layout Issues

To avoid traps and issues, conducting countless trial runs throughout the layout process of PCB components inside a constrained space is necessary.

As a result, we’d like to give you an idea of the possible pitfalls to avoid—first, improper or missing parts from the schematic.

Apart from that, the inadequacy of compactness, excessive PCB overcrowding, and insufficient space for trace layout.

To prevent this occurrence, we advise performing meticulous component selection; always consider the smallest one above anything else.

Please send us your specifications with us today!

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PCBTok | Chinese Producer of Dependable PCB Pitch

Our business advocates lead-free manufacturing and RoHS compliance.

We only use premium, environmentally friendly materials to make our goods.

PCB Pitch Production Details As Following Up

NO Item Technical Specification
Standard Advanced
1 Layer Count 1-20 layers 22-40 layer
2 Base Material KB、Shengyi、ShengyiSF305、FR408、FR408HR、IS410、FR406、GETEK、370HR、IT180A、Rogers4350、Rogers400、PTFE Laminates(Rogers series、Taconic series、Arlon series、Nelco series)、Rogers/Taconic/Arlon/Nelco laminate with FR-4 material(including partial Ro4350B hybrid laminating with FR-4)
3 PCB Type Rigid PCB/FPC/Flex-Rigid Backplane、HDI、High multi-layer blind&buried PCB、Embedded Capacitance、Embedded resistance board 、Heavy copper power PCB、Backdrill.
4 Lamination type Blind&buried via type Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 3 times laminating Mechanical blind&burried vias with less than 2 times laminating
HDI PCB 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating 1+n+1,1+1+n+1+1,2+n+2,3+n+3(n buried vias≤0.3mm),Laser blind via can be filling plating
5 Finished Board Thickness 0.2-3.2mm 3.4-7mm
6 Minimum Core Thickness 0.15mm(6mil) 0.1mm(4mil)
7 Copper Thickness Min. 1/2 OZ, Max. 4 OZ Min. 1/3 OZ, Max. 10 OZ
8 PTH Wall 20um(0.8mil) 25um(1mil)
9 Maximum Board Size 500*600mm(19”*23”) 1100*500mm(43”*19”)
10 Hole Min laser drilling size 4mil 4mil
Max laser drilling size 6mil 6mil
Max aspect ratio for Hole plate 10:1(hole diameter>8mil) 20:1
Max aspect ratio for laser via filling plating 0.9:1(Depth included copper thickness) 1:1(Depth included copper thickness)
Max aspect ratio for mechanical depth-
control drilling board(Blind hole drilling depth/blind hole size)
0.8:1(drilling tool size≥10mil) 1.3:1(drilling tool size≤8mil),1.15:1(drilling tool size≥10mil)
Min. depth of Mechanical depth-control(back drill) 8mil 8mil
Min gap between hole wall and
conductor (None blind and buried via PCB)
7mil(≤8L),9mil(10-14L),10mil(>14L) 5.5mil(≤8L),6.5mil(10-14L),7mil(>14L)
Min gap between hole wall conductor (Blind and buried via PCB) 8mil(1 times laminating),10mil(2 times laminating), 12mil(3 times laminating) 7mil(1 time laminating), 8mil(2 times laminating), 9mil(3 times laminating)
Min gab between hole wall conductor(Laser blind hole buried via PCB) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2) 7mil(1+N+1);8mil(1+1+N+1+1 or 2+N+2)
Min space between laser holes and conductor 6mil 5mil
Min space between hole walls in different net 10mil 10mil
Min space between hole walls in the same net 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB) 6mil(thru-hole& laser hole PCB),10mil(Mechanical blind&buried PCB)
Min space bwteen NPTH hole walls 8mil 8mil
Hole location tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
NPTH tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Pressfit holes tolerance ±2mil ±2mil
Countersink depth tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
Countersink hole size tolerance ±6mil ±6mil
11 Pad(ring) Min Pad size for laser drillings 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via) 10mil(for 4mil laser via),11mil(for 5mil laser via)
Min Pad size for mechanical drillings 16mil(8mil drillings) 16mil(8mil drillings)
Min BGA pad size HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 10mil(7mil is ok for flash gold) HASL:10mil, LF HASL:12mil, other surface technics are 7mi
Pad size tolerance(BGA) ±1.5mil(pad size≤10mil);±15%(pad size>10mil) ±1.2mil(pad size≤12mil);±10%(pad size≥12mil)
12 Width/Space Internal Layer 1/2OZ:3/3mil 1/2OZ:3/3mil
1OZ: 3/4mil 1OZ: 3/4mil
2OZ: 4/5.5mil 2OZ: 4/5mil
3OZ: 5/8mil 3OZ: 5/8mil
4OZ: 6/11mil 4OZ: 6/11mil
5OZ: 7/14mil 5OZ: 7/13.5mil
6OZ: 8/16mil 6OZ: 8/15mil
7OZ: 9/19mil 7OZ: 9/18mil
8OZ: 10/22mil 8OZ: 10/21mil
9OZ: 11/25mil 9OZ: 11/24mil
10OZ: 12/28mil 10OZ: 12/27mil
External Layer 1/3OZ:3.5/4mil 1/3OZ:3/3mil
1/2OZ:3.9/4.5mil 1/2OZ:3.5/3.5mil
1OZ: 4.8/5mil 1OZ: 4.5/5mil
1.43OZ(positive):4.5/7 1.43OZ(positive):4.5/6
1.43OZ(negative ):5/8 1.43OZ(negative ):5/7
2OZ: 6/8mil 2OZ: 6/7mil
3OZ: 6/12mil 3OZ: 6/10mil
4OZ: 7.5/15mil 4OZ: 7.5/13mil
5OZ: 9/18mil 5OZ: 9/16mil
6OZ: 10/21mil 6OZ: 10/19mil
7OZ: 11/25mil 7OZ: 11/22mil
8OZ: 12/29mil 8OZ: 12/26mil
9OZ: 13/33mil 9OZ: 13/30mil
10OZ: 14/38mil 10OZ: 14/35mil
13 Dimension Tolerance Hole Position 0.08 ( 3 mils)
Conductor Width(W) 20% Deviation of Master
1mil Deviation of Master
Outline Dimension 0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.10 mm ( 4 mils)
Conductors & Outline
( C – O )
0.15 mm ( 6 mils) 0.13 mm ( 5 mils)
Warp and Twist 0.75% 0.50%
14 Solder Mask Max drilling tool size for via filled with Soldermask (single side) 35.4mil 35.4mil
Soldermask color Green, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow,Purple matte/glossy
Silkscreen color White, Black,Blue,Yellow
Max hole size for via filled with Blue glue aluminium 197mil 197mil
Finish hole size for via filled with resin  4-25.4mil  4-25.4mil
Max aspect ratio for via filled with resin board 8:1 12:1
Min width of soldermask bridge Base copper≤0.5 oz、Immersion Tin: 7.5mil(Black), 5.5mil(Other color) , 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper≤0.5 oz、Finish treatment not Immersion Tin : 5.5 mil(Black,extremity 5mil), 4mil(Other
color,extremity 3.5mil) , 8mil( on copper area
Base coppe 1 oz: 4mil(Green), 5mil(Other color) , 5.5mil(Black,extremity 5mil),8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 1.43 oz: 4mil(Green), 5.5mil(Other color) , 6mil(Black), 8mil( on copper area)
Base copper 2 oz-4 oz: 6mil, 8mil( on copper area)
15 Surface Treatment Lead free Flash gold(electroplated gold)、ENIG、Hard gold、Flash gold、HASL Lead free、OSP、ENEPIG、Soft gold、Immersion silver、Immersion Tin、ENIG+OSP,ENIG+Gold finger,Flash gold(electroplated gold)+Gold finger,Immersion silver+Gold finger,Immersion Tin+Gold finge
Leaded Leaded HASL
Aspect ratio 10:1(HASL Lead free、HASL Lead、ENIG、Immersion Tin、Immersion silver、ENEPIG);8:1(OSP)
Max finished size HASL Lead 22″*39″;HASL Lead free 22″*24″;Flash gold 24″*24″;Hard gold 24″*28″;ENIG 21″*27″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 21″*48″;Immersion Tin 16″*21″;Immersion silver 16″*18″;OSP 24″*40″;
Min finished size HASL Lead 5″*6″;HASL Lead free 10″*10″;Flash gold 12″*16″;Hard gold 3″*3″;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 8″*10″;Immersion Tin 2″*4″;Immersion silver 2″*4″;OSP 2″*2″;
PCB thickness HASL Lead 0.6-4.0mm;HASL Lead free 0.6-4.0mm;Flash gold 1.0-3.2mm;Hard gold 0.1-5.0mm;ENIG 0.2-7.0mm;Flash gold(electroplated gold) 0.15-5.0mm;Immersion Tin 0.4-5.0mm;Immersion silver 0.4-5.0mm;OSP 0.2-6.0mm
Max high to gold finger 1.5inch
Min space between gold fingers 6mil
Min block space to gold fingers 7.5mil
16 V-Cutting Panel Size 500mm X 622 mm  ( max. ) 500mm X 800 mm ( max. )
Board Thickness 0.50 mm (20mil) min. 0.30 mm (12mil) min.
Remain Thickness 1/3 board thickness 0.40 +/-0.10mm( 16+/-4 mil )
Tolerance ±0.13 mm(5mil) ±0.1 mm(4mil)
Groove Width 0.50 mm (20mil) max. 0.38 mm (15mil) max.
Groove to Groove 20 mm (787mil) min. 10 mm (394mil) min.
Groove to Trace 0.45 mm(18mil) min. 0.38 mm(15mil) min.
17 Slot Slot size tol.L≥2W PTH Slot: L:+/-0.13(5mil) W:+/-0.08(3mil) PTH Slot: L:+/-0.10(4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
NPTH slot(mm) L+/-0.10 (4mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil) NPTH slot(mm) L:+/-0.08 (3mil) W:+/-0.05(2mil)
18 Min Spacing from hole edge to hole edge 0.30-1.60 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.10mm(4mil)
1.61-6.50 (Hole Diameter) 0.15mm(6mil) 0.13mm(5mil)
19 Min spacing between hole edge to circuitry pattern PTH hole: 0.20mm(8mil) PTH hole: 0.13mm(5mil)
NPTH hole: 0.18mm(7mil) NPTH hole: 0.10mm(4mil)
20 Image transfer Registration tol Circuit pattern vs.index hole 0.10(4mil) 0.08(3mil)
Circuit pattern vs.2nd drill hole 0.15(6mil) 0.10(4mil)
21 Registration tolerance of front/back image 0.075mm(3mil) 0.05mm(2mil)
22 Multilayers Layer-layer misregistration 4layers: 0.15mm(6mil)max. 4layers: 0.10mm(4mil) max.
6layers: 0.20mm(8mil)max. 6layers: 0.13mm(5mil) max.
8layers: 0.25mm(10mil)max. 8layers: 0.15mm(6mil) max.
Min. Spacing from Hole Edge to Innerlayer Pattern 0.225mm(9mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min.Spacing from Outline to Innerlayer Pattern 0.38mm(15mil) 0.225mm(9mil)
Min. board thickness 4layers:0.30mm(12mil) 4layers:0.20mm(8mil)
6layers:0.60mm(24mil) 6layers:0.50mm(20mil)
8layers:1.0mm(40mil) 8layers:0.75mm(30mil)
Board thickness tolerance 4layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil) 4layers:+/-0.10mm(4mil)
6layers:+/-0.15mm(6mil) 6layers:+/-0.13mm(5mil)
8-12 layers:+/-0.20mm (8mil) 8-12 layers:+/-0.15mm (6mil)
23 Insulation Resistance 10KΩ~20MΩ(typical:5MΩ)
24 Conductivity <50Ω(typical:25Ω)
25 Test voltage 250V
26 Impedance control ±5ohm(<50ohm), ±10%(≥50ohm)

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  • “It was a tough decision to select PCBTok against the other leading manufacturer in China. However, I am glad that I did the right thing! Every piece of the circuit boards I received from PCBTok was working fine. Also, none of them were experiencing troubles with their designated applications. Thanks to PCBTok, my business is running smoothly; you are part of my success in this journey. All because of you, I have provided for my clients’ needs too. Once again, thank you, PCBTok!”

    Dwayne Palmer, Electronics Technologist from Toledo, Ohio
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