Quality Control from PCBTok

Quality Control from PCBTok

PCBTok has a complete set of quality management procedures and methods to manage and ensure supplier selection, intermediate process inspection, product delivery audit, customer service, and other links to ensure that the delivered products meet customer requirements.

Supplier Evaluation and Rating

Suppliers must pass the review of the PCBTok supplier review team before they can join. In addition, PCBTok rates all suppliers every year to ensure that qualified suppliers can guarantee the quality of their products to meet the requirements of PCBTok for a long time. Not only that, but PCBTok also uses ISO9001 and ISO14001 as standards to continuously develop suppliers and promote suppliers to continuously improve their quality and environmental management.

Contract Review

Before PCBTok accepts the customer’s order, it is necessary to clarify and review the customer’s requirements to ensure that the company has the ability to fully meet the customer’s needs, including technical and delivery requirements.

Production, Review, and Control of Board Materials

PCBTok needs to check and understand the received customer’s design materials and specifications and convert them into production-ready materials through CAM, and then formulate “engineering instructions” (MI) according to the actual production process and process of PCBTok for the production department as a basis for actual production. After the MI is produced, it needs to be reviewed by a full-time engineer, and it must also be reviewed by QA before it is released.

Incoming Material Control

PCBTok verifies all incoming materials and can only enter the warehouse after they are qualified. PCBTok has formulated strict incoming materials management, inspection procedures, and operating methods, and has corresponding testing instruments and equipment to ensure that it has the ability to make accurate judgments on whether incoming materials are qualified. The delivery of materials is carried out according to the principle of “first in, first out”, and “alerts” are issued for materials that are about to reach the shelf life to ensure that the materials are used before the shelf life or are further verified before use.

Production Process Control

Accurate panel engineering instructions (MI), comprehensive equipment management and maintenance and process control, strict intermediate inspection and monitoring and operating procedures ensure that the entire production process of the product is fully controlled.

Finished Product Control and Inspection

All PCBTok PCB boards need to pass the on-off test and visual inspection in addition to the specified physical test. PCBTok has a variety of advanced on-off testing machines such as dedicated and flying probes to ensure accurate and efficient PCB testing and ensure product quality.

Product Delivery Review

PCBTok has set up a special functional FQA, and the products must be sampled according to the customer’s specifications before shipment, and only qualified products can be packaged. FQA must also conduct a 100% review of the warehouse-packed and shipped products before the products are shipped. Including product number, customer number, product quantity, shipping address, etc.

Customer Service

PCBTok has a dedicated customer service team, which actively communicates with customers, handles customer feedback in a timely manner, and assists in solving relevant problems at the customer site if necessary. PCBTok has always paid attention to the needs of customers and conducts customer satisfaction surveys every year to understand customer needs and timely adjust customer service and product requirements.

Quality Report

If there is any quality issue, our quality team will provide one 8-D report issuing every detail, such as root cause, corrective action, and preventive action.


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