Shengyi S1600: Everything You Need To Know in 2022


In essence, the Shengyi S1600 is another kind of laminate that is famously utilized for its high CTI value exceeding 600. It was produced by the well-known company Shengyi Technology.

As many people know, laminates are one of the crucial elements in generating a circuit board since they are responsible for making the layers of the board and providing insulation through it.

Over the years, many laminates in the industry have grown and improved in terms of their features, capabilities, advantages, and applications because of the increasing demand sent by consumers. Hence, the S1600 was enhanced to its maximum potential to perform sophisticated operations.

Consequently, we’d like to discuss in this article the definition of a Shengyi S1600, its features, properties, advantages, disadvantages, and various applications to understand them further. Let’s begin digging the S1600!

Introduction to Shengyi S1600

Introduction to Shengyi S1600

What is Shengyi S1600?

As stated, the Shengyi S1600 is a laminate produced by Shengyi Technology; they are known for their exceptional features and properties. However, they aren’t ideal for applications that necessitate anti-CAF.

It was regarded that the Shengyi S1600 has similarities with the FR4 PCB material, however, in a conventional way. In terms of usage, they are preferred by applications that deal with high-end technologies since it showcases excellent tensile strength and temperature resistance.

Another down factor of a Shengyi S1600 is its solder mask cannot be reworked; however, that isn’t much of a hassle if the chosen manufacturer conducts a thorough performance assessment right after the fabrication phase of the laminated board.

Nevertheless, there are only two cons to using this laminate, which will be discussed in the latter part of this article. Overall, the positive sides dominate the Shengyi S1600; keep on reading until the end to have extensive information about this laminate.

DIY Lamination Method

Features of the Shengyi S1600

As mentioned in the previous sections of this article, there are notable features that we can define the Shengyi S1600 laminate. Some of those outstanding features are mentioned below.

Features of the Shengyi S1600

Features of the Shengyi S1600

UV Blocking

Since the Shengyi S1600 has a composition made out of the materials of FR4, it can block UV rays; thus, protecting the board against the damages it can acquire from UV lights.

Tracking Resistance

Due to Shengyi S1600’s high Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) value at greater than or equal to 600 V, its resistance against ecological impacts, like moisture, is exceptionally high.

PCB Processability

All of the elements integrated into a Shengyi S1600 feature excellent processability; hence, it can be versatile during the manufacturing phase.

Shengyi S1600: Mechanical and Thermal Properties

It is recognized that the mechanical and thermal properties of the Shengyi S1600 are superb; this means that its performance capability is top-notch as well.

Mechanical Properties

  • Transition Temperature – If planning to use the Shengyi S1600 in an environment having 135°C and above, then this might not be the perfect laminate one is looking for since the TG value of this laminate is only 135°C. In the case that the environmental condition goes above this said value, it will soften, thus, leading to a problem. However, even if its value is low, it is still considered to have excellent insulation and a unique water absorption rate.
  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) – Before the TG value, the rate of Shengyi S1600’s CTE is approximately 55 ppm/°C. Then, after the TG reaches its desired value, the CTE of Shengyi S1600 will rise to 308 ppm/°C. This implies that whenever the temperature changes, its size will react as well (CTE).
  • Decomposition Temperature – In terms of the Shengyi S1600’s Decomposition Temperature, it revolves around 310°C at 5% weight loss. This means that the only way the laminate will decompose chemically is if it goes beyond the value of the decomposition temperature stated.

Thermal Properties

  • Thermal Stress – In terms of the Shengyi S1600’s capability to tolerate thermal excursions, the value of its thermal stress is more significant than 100S at 288°C.
  • Flexural Strength – As for the ability of this laminate to withstand breaking stress, its value is around 554 MPa.
  • Peel Strength – In terms of the Shengyi S1600’s ability to bond the layers together, its peel strength value is around 1.8 N/mm at 288°C after the thermal stress.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shengyi S1600

As we all know by now, the Shengyi S1600 offers countless advantages over its disadvantages; its pros outweigh all the cons it bears. As a result, the Shengyi S1600 has gained popularity worldwide and has already been used in numerous applications. Some of its benefits and limitations are mentioned below.


  • It can be highly reliable since the materials used are durable. It can withstand varying environmental conditions and has excellent thermal properties that can handle moisture and heat.
  • It has a wide range of uses.
  • It is known to be simple to design since its base material is versatile. Therefore, they are ideal for almost any application specifications one may have.
  • Based on the mechanical and thermal properties mentioned, it can’t be denied that the Shengyi S1600’s characteristics are excellent.


  • It was mentioned in the earlier part of the article that the solder mask of this laminate could not be reworked; hence, it is crucial to select a manufacturer with extensive industry experience to prevent the likelihood of reworking in the future.
  • Similar to its rework capability, another con of using a Shengyi S1600 was already mentioned a while ago; its Anti-CAF application isn’t present in this laminate. Thus, if the application and purpose are desired for a laminate with Anti-CAF properties, then the Shengyi S1600 is not a great option.

Different Applications of Shengyi S1600

Although the Shengyi S1600 doesn’t apply to operations requiring Anti-CAF capability, a lot of industry still utilizes this laminate for their purposes.

Different Applications of Shengyi S1600

Different Applications of Shengyi S1600

Some of the industries that still make use of the S1600 are the following:

Consumer Electronics

Some of the standard devices that use this laminate are refrigerators, television, and other electronics that are useful in consumers’ daily lives.

Power Base

Since the Shengyi S1600 has exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, they are widely preferred in power base applications wherein these aspects are crucial.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Some of the devices that use this laminate are computer monitors and even a television. Basically, almost all devices deal with LCD Displays.


To wrap up, if you plan to incorporate a laminate with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, then the Shengyi S1600 is the appropriate solution. Further, if the purpose necessitates a high value of CTI, it can be a great option.

We, PCBTok, constantly produce only top-tier components for our circuit board. In that way, we can lessen the potential risks of errors and repairs after the post-production phase.

Hence, if you’re planning to integrate the S1600 into your applications, knowing they cannot be reworked, we suggest reaching out to us as we have extensive industry experience, skilled personnel, and sophisticated technologies to work all your specifications.

Contact us today and get a chance to avail our excellent offers; we’re doing all of these for the benefit of our consumers. What are you waiting for? Come and grab your Shengyi S1600 with us today!

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