WS2812B Pinout: Everything You Need To Know in 2022


WS2812B Pinout, in a nutshell, consists of a signal reshaping augmentation circuitry and an advanced digital port data latch. It is considered an RGP Chip-equipped LED light source regulator due to its 5050 constituent.

Furthermore, many experts say that a WS2812B is an upgraded version of the WS2812; however, it still possesses some of the characteristics and good qualities of the former version. Its IC was enhanced significantly to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the device.

Although this may sound too technical, we will provide a complete detail about WS2812B Pinout in the simplest way we can deliver it to understand it better. At the end of this article, we’re anticipating that one will justify their decision in selecting this pinout.

Thus, in order to achieve this objective, we’ll be discussing its definition, features, benefits, function, electrical characteristics, switching characteristics, and ways to install it.

Introduction to WS2812B Pinout

Introduction to WS2812B Pinout

What is a WS2812B Pinout?

It is regarded that WS2812B Pinout has the capability to lighten up decorations both for indoor and outdoor purposes; it can be beneficial in controlling thousands of LEDs in a single line since it only requires one line to control the LEDs in the series.

As mentioned, WS2812B Pinout comprises a signal reshaping augmentation circuitry and an advanced digital port patch. However, it isn’t only limited to that; it has its precision internal oscillator and a 12 V programmable current control part that can maintain the pixel point height in its desired amount.

In terms of structure, it has installed three (3) LEDs, one red, one green, and one blue. Aside from the LEDs, it has an IC/Display Driver that manages the luminosity and the colors. In addition, it has four (4) pins attached to it; power supply, ground, and two (2) I/O data pins.

Apart from the typical WS2812B Pinout, it has its sub-category known as WS2812B Addressable RGB LED. It is renowned for being versatile, simple to control, and can be managed remotely through a specialized integrated driver.

What is a WS2812B Pinout?

What is a WS2812B Pinout?

Features and Benefits of WS2812B Pinout

In this section, we’ve compiled the features and benefits of the WS2812B Pinout for a more straightforward understanding. In that way, it will be easier for a reader to distinguish the capabilities of the WS2812B Pinout. Some of the benefits of this pinout will be mentioned below.

  • Its inverse power supply connections are protected intelligently so that the IC is not harmed.
  • Only the control system and the LED share the power supply.
  • A bundle of 5050 pieces, which includes a control system and an RGB processor, creates a comprehensive pixel point control.
  • It has installed signal redesigning circuitry, which ensures wave-form aberration doesn’t build up the next wave reforming to the subsequent actuator.
  • It possesses integrated power loss and electric resetting circuits.
  • All of the three primary colors’ pixels may represent 256 luminance, 16777216 entire colors, and a sweep rate of at least 400 Hz/s.
  • It utilizes a single line to cascade the terminal transmission signal.
  • Each point that has over 5 meters apart can communicate without an additional circuit.
  • The cascade quantity must be at least 1024 units when the free sync is 30 frames per second.
  • It can transmit data at an 800 Kbps pace.
  • Its light hue was very reliable and economical.

Features and Benefits of WS2812B Pinout

Features and Benefits of WS2812B Pinout

Pin Function, Absolute Maximum Ratings, and RGB IC Characteristic Parameter of WS2812B Pinout

In order to quickly understand each of these aspects, we’ve created a separate table to discuss them one by one. We anticipate that learning these factors can be crucial in selecting the WS2812B Pinout for applications.

Pin Function

Number Symbol Function Description
1 VDD Power Supply LED
2 DOUT Control Data Signal Output
3 VSS Ground
4 DIN Control Data Signal Input

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit
Power Supply Voltage VDD +3.5 to +5.3 V
Input Voltage V1 -0.5 ~VDD +0.5 V
Operation Junction Temperature TOPT -25 ~ +80 °C
Storage Temperature Range TSTG -40 ~ +105 °C

RGB IC Characteristic Parameter

Emitting Color Model Wavelength (mm) Luminous Intensity (mcd) Voltage (V)
Red 13CBAUP 620-625 390-420 2.0-2.2
Green 13CGAUP 522-525 660-720 3.0-3.4
Blue 10R1MUX 465-467 180-200 3.0-3.4

How does WS2812B Pinout Function?

As mentioned, WS2812B Pinout comprises a control system and an RGB Chip compressed into a 5050 bundle; it has the VCC, Ground, Data In, and Data Out. Aside from that, it has its signal reshaping augmentation circuitry, advanced digital port patch, electric reset circuit, and a power loss reset circuit.

The NZR correspondence used by the information transmission method is just one. The DIN channel gathers information from the console once the pixel obtains the reset command. The preliminary 24-bit data is gathered by the first photon and relayed to the internal information gate. The intrinsic data structuring circuitry modifies the additional data before sending it via the DOUT line to the following downstream unit. After that occurrence, the information is reduced to 24 bits once each pixel has been transmitted.

Electrical Characteristics and Switching Characteristics of WS2812B Pinout

Similar to the Pin Function, Absolute Maximum Ratings, and RGB IC Characteristic Parameter, a comprehensive data table below will entail all information relating to WS2812B Pinout Electrical Characteristics and Switching Characteristics. That way, it will be readily understood without an extensive technical background.

Electrical Characteristics

NOTE: (TA=-20+70, VDD=4.55.5V, VSS=0V, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Symbol Conditions Minimum Tpy Maximum Unit
Input Current II VI=VDD/VSS ±1 µA
Input Voltage Level VIH DIN, SET 0.7 VDD V
Hysteresis Voltage VH DIN,      SET 0.35 V


H3: Switching Characteristics

NOTE: (TA=-20+70VDD=4.55.5V, VSS=0V, unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. Tpy Max. Unit
Transmission Delay Time tPLZ CL=15pF, DIN→ DOUT, RL=10KΩ 300 ns
Fall Time TTHZ CL=300pF, OUTR/OU TG/OUTB 120 µs
Input Capacity CI 15 pF

How to Employ the WS2812B Pinout?

By now, all of us are aware that WS2812B Pinout comprises various independent pins; we have the VCC, GND, DIN, and DOUT. Essentially, the VCC and GND are standard pins to every LED existing nowadays, while the DIN is frequently linked with the power source, such as a microcontroller. On the other hand, the DOUT is directly interconnected with the DIN. In order to understand better, we have the diagram below to understand this concept further.

How to Employ the WS2812B Pinout

Fig. 1 How to Employ the WS2812B Pinout

To distinguish between 0 and 1, the WS2812B employs a modulation technique. For example, the pulse width needed for 1 is more significant than that needed for 0. Due to the fact that the overall pulse width is 1.25 s, the amplitude is 800 kHz, and the duty cycles for pulses 0 and 1 are 36 percent and 64 percent, respectively. As well as a reset spike that serves as a steady state, the sequence for programming 0 and 1 to every bit in the record is shown in the figure underneath.

How to Employ the WS2812B Pinout

Fig. 2 How to Employ the WS2812B Pinout

Deploying the WS2812B Pinout


Overall, WS2812B Pinout can be helpful in various Arduino projects and even in the daily electronic devices we encounter. Further, they are commonly utilized in full-color modules, full-color soft lights, LED decorative lighting, and indoor/outdoor LED video screen.

Apart from that, without a technical background and experience in dealing with such components might be difficult to comprehend; hence, it is essential to reach out to a manufacturer that has decades of experience in handling these component types.

Consequently, PCBTok has over twelve (12) years of experience in the industry, and we are highly capable of equipping our potential customers with the knowledge in WS2812B Pinout. Also, we can fulfill all of the specifications one may have for their desired applications using this pinout.

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